Family found fox napping on their microwave oven

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A family from London called animal control officials last week after they found a fox napping on their microwave oven. The family stated their daughter had come down for breakfast in the kitchen of their southwest London home when she made the surprising discovery.

According to UPI, the fox entered the family’s home through a pet door. The fox had knocked over some flower pots, but seemed perfectly calm and didn’t wake up until the lights went on in the kitchen.

Kim Fryer stated they have five cats and a dog and figured the fox crawled under the gate and into the pet door. RSPCA Inspector Phil Norman captured the sleepy little guy and brought him to a veterinarian hospital for an examination.

It turns out the fox had likely just been looking for a warm spot to nap. He turned out to be healthy and was released back into the general area where he was found.

“Good luck Mr. Fox!,” one of the hospital staff yelled.

(Fox napping photo via RSPCA)

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  1. Rev. Dr. Yvonne Ray says:

    I remember reading decades ago of a man coming home early in the morning to find a full grown racoon curled up next to his sleeping wife asleep in the warm small of her back! The racoon also came through a pet door.


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