Spanish hunter smiled as he tormented a wounded fox after finding it

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In a disturbing  two-minute video, a Spanish hunter smiled as he tormented a wounded fox after discovering the animal hiding underneath some nearby brush. The video was posted online on Friday, although it is unclear where and when the video was filmed, or if the fox survived.

According to the Daily Mail, the hunt occurred in Spain and the man threw the fox up in the air by its tail and then stomped on it once it hit the ground. The poor fox, that had been missing one of its hind legs, desperately tried to escape until the heartless hunter hit it again. More torment continued as the fox laid helplessly on the ground.

At the end of the horrific video, the hunter stood over the animal’s apparent lifeless body and smiled.

The Royal Spanish Hunting Federation posted the above photo of the sadistic hunter and will join in the campaign to name and shame the man.

“RFEC is preparing to file a formal complaint against the man who mistreated a fox in a video,” the organization tweeted. “It is asking for help in identifying him.”

The hunter’s behavior has been described as “despicable,” and RFEC will seek a lifetime ban on hunting for the individual. In addition the Animalist Party Against Mistreatment of Animals (PACMA) representatives stated they were “blood boiling” angry over the terrible video showing the fox die so violently.

The video was posted online by Galician activist and naturalist Marcos Irua.

Rest in peace little fox. We hope you get some justice and the authorities find this Spanish hunter monster.

(Screenshot via the Daily Mail and video)

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Find this vile hunter and do the same thing to him and make sure he dies in pain like he caused this fox. Punishment should be what he gave this helpless fox.


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