Dog with broken jaw waited by parked car until a kind couple offered to help

In the middle of the night, a dog with a broken jaw hovered near a parked car in McAllen, Texas; his jaw stuck open and bleeding profusely. The pain was so excruciating, there seemed to have been no relief; that is until a kind couple spotted him and called out for help. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC immediately agreed, and the little dog whose life was saved outside of Little Caesars Pizza, was rushed to Pet Doctor 911 on Tuesday evening.

“Caeser has a broken jaw; he needs expensive surgery,” wrote Rescue Dogs Rock NYC co-founder, Stacey Silverstein. “It’s at least $1000 to walk into the emergency hospital.”

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And when Caeser arrived at the veterinary hospital and his condition could be fully evaluated, volunteers and advocates were heartbroken. He was covered in blood all over his chest and legs from his mouth. Even worse, veterinarians stated the dog’s bottom jaw had been severed and detached from his gums and mouth.

“Caeser is now on pain medication and resting comfortably. He cannot eat, he cannot move his mouth, he cannot open and close his mouth and he’s been in excruciating pain up until now,” Stacey continued on her latest update on the organization’s Facebook page.

Caeser will require multiple surgeries to repair his badly broken jaw. Updates to follow.

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