Eleven dogs dead after van broke down en route to rescue group

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In Sardis, Mississippi, eleven out of 50 dogs on their way from Hattiesburg to Minnesota died after the van they were traveling in broke down. The van left the Southern Pines Animal Shelter on Friday afternoon and were forced to pull over after four hours into the trip.

According to the Facebook page of the Southern Pines Animal Shelter, posted on Saturday stated the vehicle is being closely examined after the deaths of the dogs since all of the dogs were reported healthy when leaving the shelter.

“Shelter management was immediately notified about the situation by the volunteer drivers, and the two volunteers immediately began moving the animals off the van trying to make them as cool and as comfortable as possible with the limited resources available. To our heartbreak, as they unloaded the van, 11 of our dogs were found to already have passed away.”

At the time of the trip, the van’s air conditioning and ventilation systems had been in working order. The group is investigating if there had been other system failures or mechanical malfunctions that could have impacted the dogs.

The surviving dogs showed no signs of suffering from heat-related issues, but they are still being observed. Group Director Ginny Sims, told Wreg-tv, carbon monoxide may have been the cause of the dogs’ deaths.

“To say that we are grieving and devastated by the terrible accident that occurred yesterday would be an understatement. As an organization who has successfully been a part of transporting more than 11,000 pets, the safety of the animals in our care is of the utmost importance to us. Every precaution was taken to ensure a safe journey for the animals aboard this transport. Our top priority at the moment is ensuring that the remaining animals are safe, and they are under the observation of our veterinarian and dedicated team.”

The shelter also sent their thanks to the North Mississippi Animal Rescue for helping.

(Photo of surviving dog via FB of SPAS)

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    How devastating for the rescue group transporting these precious pups. They have done so much good and then something like this happens you have to wonder why? I am keeping them in my prayers, I know how heartbreaking this is for them.

  2. Red says:

    Oh my gosh….how horrible for them. RIP sweet pups…at least you felt loved and cared for at the end. This is such a tragedy!


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