Authorities search for people who hit dog and laughed about it

Authorities search for people who hit dog with car
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Authorities in Orange County, South Carolina, are searching for people accused of hitting a dog who was being walked by a woman last Friday. According to Live 5 News, a car full of people struck the dog, who was being walked along Training Road in Eutawville, and proceeded to laugh about what happened.

What happened before the car hit the dog?

Deputies with the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office were told by the victim, who fosters homeless pets for the Orangeburg County Animal Control, that a gold colored vehicle, possibly a Buick, ran over one of four dogs that she was walking on Friday evening. The victim told the authorities that she tried to get out of the way but ended up dropping the dogs’ leashes just before the car hit one of the dogs, described as a Jack Russell terrier mix. The victim observed the car running over the back portion of the small dog. When the victim confronted the people in the car, the allegedly laughed at her and then drove away.

The dog struck by the car

The dog struck by the vehicle required veterinary care – the extent of the dog’s injuries was not released. The victim has described the people in the vehicle as four black males – one of the men had “long dreads.” The vehicle had plates from South Carolina with tag numbers 5426KQ.

(Image via screenshot Live 5 News)

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  1. WELL Of course ” This is the Generation of Black Lives Matter” yet it appears from ALL intents and purposes that 80-to 90 % of the most brutal , horrific, torturous, animal, NEGLECT , ABUSE , Malice, Intentional Criminal behavior ( like the post above) is done by this Race followed by Hispanic … I am not a bigot or a racist Just a Human Being that is Baffled as to Why this pattern (possibly a form of Hate Crimes) is done by individuals LIKE MICHAEL VICK Who had Enough FAME and WEALTH to be a Renowned Person for Helping those in Need and Being an Animal Advocate and Supporting Shelter’s and Rescues and Here he is a Criminal Minded Big Time Abuser and Torture Monger!!! I hope with the License plates these Guys are caught and convicted … they could have killed all the rescue dogs and the dedicated woman who was devoting her time to assisting saving lives of animal’s in need. THIS IS SHAMEFUL to SAY THE LEAST and a ” Black EYE” for South Carolina

    • You are so right, it’s lucky they didn’t kill her and the dogs. I am not a bigot either but I give respect where respect is due and these animals that would do something like this certainly don’t deserve any. I hope the police will track down the license plate number and find these POS scum but I won’t hold my breath. After all it was “only a dog” (sarcasm)!

  2. Line all four up on the road when found, and run over their legs. Let’s see how funny that is then. Hope they find these scum and throw them in jail where they belong. Also, make them pay for the medical care of this dog. Non human cretins.

  3. At least there is a license number to investigate – being South Carolina I wonder if any follow up will happen. Seems these southern states all have little to no concern for animal abuse – it happens so often and no one is held responsible. These hunks of pond scum have proven their uselessness and hopefully, a drive by will be in their very near future – they all deserve no less. May they all be found scattered along the gutter – like the trash they are and the dog’s owner can stand over them and laugh. Hope this little dog recovers – this is so maddening.

    • I am embarrassed to admit that I live in S.C. and it is true about how most of the police act toward animals. The Sheriff’s Dept where I live has to be one of the worst there was an incident recently where a deputy slam has k9 to ground so viciously that it broke his pelvis in multiple places and no charges were filed ” for lack of evidence” another I know of personally where a deputy pulled in a friend of mines yard when the dog barked he shot her and left her to die , hard to respect people who act like thugs with badges who can and do pretty much what ever they want . I’m sure there’s a few good ones but it’s getting harder to find them


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