Dog died in hot SUV

Couple’s dog died in back of SUV while they visited nearby sports bar for 3 hours

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A dog who was left in a crate, inside of an SUV parked outside of an Omaha sports bar, died on Sunday. The German shepherd’s owners left the air-conditioning running for their pet, but the heat proved to be too much to survive.

What happened?

The dog’s crate was left in the rear of the SUV – it appears that there was not enough cool air circulating to keep the dog alive, reports the Omaha World Herald. Mark Langan, with the Nebraska Humane Society, told the news agency, “This is a good example … in extreme heat, when it’s very warm and humid, that leaving air conditioning running in a car, in this situation, did not provide enough ventilation for the dog.”

What could have been done instead?

On the day that the dog died, the temperature climbed to 87 degrees – the couple was dining with friends at DJ’s Dugout, where dogs are allowed on the patio. Evelyn Birkel, a server at the sports bar, said, “If people want to bring their dogs to our patio, they are welcome to do so, so that we can avoid situations like this,” she added, “We’ve brought bowls of water out for dogs, we are more than happy to do that.”

Social media outrage

Public photos were posted to Facebook showing the couple’s dog on the ground. A post accompanying the image states:

We are all outraged but I never intended for anyone to threaten anyone else. If we all take anything away from this, let it be that it is never ok to leave a pet (or a child) in a car on a hot day even with the ac running. Share that information with everyone. Let’s move forward and be more aware of our surroundings. Pay attention to the cars in the parking lot, the houses you walk by. Don’t be afraid to step in before tragedy strikes. Let’s quit looking the other way. Practice empathy not apathy.

He sat in a bar for 3 hours while his precious furbaby died in his locked car. This happened in Omaha today at 114 and Dodge. It was 86 outside.

According to the authorities, no charges are expected because the couple “took precautions” to protect the dog from the heat. The animal control officer who responded to the scene did not think that a citation would serve any purpose.

(Image via screenshot/Facebook)

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15 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    A COUPLE of ” LUSH”S ” not even going OUT a COUPLE TIMES to check on THEIR PRECIOUS CARGO!!! THIS poor dog died a horrific death while they enjoyed their BOOZE!!!! SHAME ON THEM!!! they should post THEIR PHOTO”S on THE FRONT PAGE OF OMAHA”S NEWS PAPER!!!

  2. Stephen Phillips says:

    “The animal control officer who responded to the scene did not think that a citation would serve any purpose.”


    F*CK their “faux-anguish”: They COULD HAVE PREVENTED THIS DEATH!

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    If they were going to dine with friends, then why take the dog with them in the first place. Do they really think their dog enjoys sitting in a crate in the back of their car? I have a mini van and know for a fact that sitting in the car with it idling, the air conditioner isn’t as effective as when driving. The picture shows one of those plastic crates too that certainly wouldn’t have enough ventilation on a hot day to boot, a wire one the dog may have stood a chance! Idiots!!!!!!!! This just breaks my heart that this beautiful dog has died such a horrible death because of irresponsible owners!

  4. J. Martin says:

    Lock them in their vehicle for the same amount of time.
    The windows kept up .. keys taken away … back some other vehicles up against the doors so they can’t get out!!!! IF they die —- GOOD!!!!

  5. Marni Montanez says:

    Why do people feel they have to take their dog so that the dog stays in the car. If my dog goes in the car, he goes out wherever I stop. This is so ridiculous. Why didn’t check and make sure everything was ok?????????? I would have been out there so much, checking to make sure everything was ok that I would not have enjoyed myself, but like I said, he goes in the car, he goes inside where ever I go. The incredible suffering these dogs go through at the hands of those who love them is ridiculous

  6. Valeria says:

    This is pure animal cruelty. They should be in jail for that. It is a horrible way to die. Where is the authorities?

  7. Nancy Raymond says:

    What rock did Omaha find this so called ‘Control Officer’ under??? These two douchebags who decided to leave their dog in a van, in a cage no less, keep the air conditioner on, and sit in a bar sucking up and think this is OK? Brain dead, irresponsible, selfish is what these two are – and they can cry all they want, it is THEIR fault their dog died because they couldn’t be bothered to take him onto a patio where this establishment allows animals and provides water – these two are dumber than doorknobs and this stupid jerk of a control officer just walked away like it was OK – all three of them are beyond help.

  8. Red says:

    WHY IN THE Heck did this IDIOTS take their pet with them to a restaurant or bar?!?!?! Obviously they are too stupid to have a pet. Put their name on a National Registry and never allow them to have another pet!!!!!


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