police shot dog who escaped from his yard

Woman’s Labrador retriever shot and killed by officer after escaping from yard

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A woman is trying to wrap her head around the fact that her Labrador retriever, McCoy, is dead after the dog escaped from his yard in Higginson, Arkansas. According to THV 11 News, the authorities insist that the ACK registered Labrador was behaving aggressively, but Sarah Meyer, the dog’s owner, can’t believe it.

What happened?

McCoy dug out of his fenced yard and ran to a neighbor’s yard where he allegedly attacked a dog and also a woman. The authorities responded to the scene and tried to capture McCoy, but failed.

Chief Eric Patterson told the news agency that McCoy was not acting normally – he stated, “Labs are normally really nice dogs. We’re just scared something might have happened to him prior to him coming over here. Might have been kicked, chased, bit by another animal.”

Meyer recounted what she knew about the situation:

“We received a phone call to come pick our dead dog out of the backyard. [Police] ‘threw a honey bun at him, and he still wouldn’t come to them.’ So I guess their only resort was to kill him. He was a beautiful, loving baby to us.”

Social media version differs from the authorities

Though the police have insisted that the dog was behaving aggressively, someone who posted photos on social media disputes the claim. A post (since deleted) read:

“Plzzzzzz Share To Find The Owner!!! If your dog is loose in Higginson the police just SHOT IT. It is a big white lab looking dog. He is very clean and fat looking. He had a black collar on.They claimed it was being aggressive when I yelled “WTF,” but it wasn’t. They called it over then raised their guns and shot it!!””

The person who wrote the post claims that the dog had been playing before the police arrived and killed him.

(Screenshot of McCoy via THV 11)

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12 replies
  1. Larry says:

    These cops who shoot people’s dogs are nothing but cowards who are just looking for a chance to use their weapons. I guess it makes them feel BIG. The excuse is always the same – they blame the dog, claiming the dogs was a threat or was
    being aggressive or something to that effect. For them, it may be the only chance they will get to actually shoot something. I say this when I am a huge supporter of law enforcement officers. Most do a tremendous job in spite of the crap they take from many in the public and the danger they face everyday. But shooting defenseless animals cannot be excused. Tell that cop to put his bullet back in his pocket and don’t take it out to use against helpless animals.

  2. maxiemom says:

    Needless to say, I believe the eye witness over the cops. Cops aren’t known for their veracity, especially when it comes to shooting family pets, or people, for that matter.

    I hope the scum who killed McCoy rots in Hell. Anyone who hides behind his badge to kill innocent animals belongs there.

  3. Adrienne says:

    It says that this dog attacked another dog and a woman but nothing is mentioned how or where that happened, only stated in the beginning of this article. What happened prior to the police shooting this dog needs to be investigated, good or bad because this doesn’t make sense. Any previous issues with this dog and neighbors or their pets? Too little here to go on I think. Sorry this woman lost her beautiful white lab, shouldn’t have happened.

  4. Barbara Hartman says:

    The murderer needs to be shot and killed. I agree with above comments, and this 1 witness said there was no reason to kill doggie. Cop threw donut at dog, which was ignored since dog was playing. So, why did the cop kill dog? Pls investigate and strip him of his badge, lose job, can never own pet(s).

  5. Anita says:

    Ive lost faith in people(even in blue more so) I care more for dogs. But it seems their poor lives arent worth anymore than ours. Im afraid justice for them will never change. In the eyes of the law their considered property. Until big pharma stops testing on them this will continue to happen.
    Mccoys unconditional love for you saraha meyer is ever lasting. Mccoy crossed the rainbow bridge,but he’ll be there when you need him. So sorry for your loss.

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another example of that ‘big blue wall’ that goes up everytime – I do not believe McCoy was acting aggressively, it was just an opportunity for some idiot cops to shoot their guns. The eyewitness had no reason to lie, and came forward to tell what they saw, it is another case of cops acting like this is the wild west, not caring they were killing an innocent animal, having overblow egos and knowing they will not be held responsible. In addition, this fake story they initiated was to cover up and nothing more. Cops like this we don’t need – THEY are the danger, not the dog. Their story is a load of BS.

  7. Barkley's Mom says:

    How I hate to see stories like this. Do I believer the police? NO! They can make up any story they want and it’s their word against the witnesses. If the cops are telling the truth then I want to see an account by the woman who was supposedly attacked by this dog, and I want to see more from the witness that said they lured the dog to them and then shot him. It’s disgusting. Rest in peace McCoy, I don’t know why you were left outside alone but this is what can happen when we are not home and don’t put the dogs in the house. My condolences to Ms. Meyer, to lose your dog like this is truly heartbreaking.


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