Abandoned Eleanor Rigby sent to overcrowded shelter

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Eleanor Rigby was dragged across the parking lot into the San Bernardino City Shelter on Tuesday morning. Animal advocate and volunteer, Andrea Neyses had been running into the shelter to take photos of the dogs in order to help them find homes when she stopped short.

“I never even made it into the San Bernardino City Shelter. and there’s a dog being dragged across the parking lot. I had to stop,” began Andrea as she unfolded the tragic story of a lonely, unwanted dog. “ELEANOR RIGBY is a young girl?  such a gentle soul, Husky /Shepherd mix, old scarred skin and a halo of fleas all about her, scarred nipples, been bred too much!”

The person dragging Eleanor Rigby into the shelter stated the dog had been abandoned in a busy area for more than two weeks, and no one bothered to help her until this morning. The Good Samaritan found her crossing Highland Avenue – a street where the freeway exits. He had been surprised she was still there; kind hearts had been throwing her scraps from a nearby grocery store.

“Ah, look at all the lonely (people) dogs. Where do they all come from? Where do they all belong?”

Check out Eleanor Rigby’s video:


Video #2 (Just look how sweet she is)


Eleanor Rigby needs our help. San Bernardino City Shelter, CA doesn’t have many net workers; your help is needed sharing her plight. Follow her rescue efforts here. Please continue to share her story until she is safely out of the shelter.

San Bernardino City Animal Shelter
333 Chandler Place, San Bernardino, CA
Closed Sunday and Monday
Telephone: (909) 384-1304
Rescues please email Jennifer Van Ness, the SBC rescue coordinator, with ID# asap if interested in helping.
Email: [email protected]. Make sure to reference ID #A517162.

If you would like to help the shelter with low income spay and neuter, rebuilding this old shelter, repairing or just items to keep the animals comfortable during their stay at the shelter, please donate to Daisy Hope Foundation .
This is a tax deductible and all money goes to the animals..
Thank you in advance for helping this shelter stay open at least another year ( that’s 7000 animals lives a year saved)
[email protected]

(Photos and videos via Andrea Neyses)

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  1. Why are some of these dogs not signed up for “freedom flights” or transported to shelters that are low on animals where there’s a better chance of them being adopted?? Surely some shelters must be willing to help out the over crowed ones?

    • San Bernardino shelter has been having problems before-about two years ago i wrote with helpful suggestions and transporting was an idea–no improvement in 2 years!There is seemingly sudden up tick in cases of abuse in all drug effected communities. SB has always had problems, they mostly kill dogs to alleviate over crowding

  2. It should be against the law for people to breed their dogs especially if they use these poor female dogs as a cash cow for themselves, then dump them when they can no longer produce any more puppies. If caught breeding your pet at home, you pay a huge fine,even jail time and the dog is taken away and you can’t own another one. Even some reputable breeders are questionable, but we can’t have all these animals just roaming around without homes or families. As a nation we need to start controlling this and even institute mandatory spay/neutering of family pets for a starter. Low cost or even low cost mobile units going into areas to help families who would take advantage of having their pet spayed or neutered for free. Must be started now or this problem with grow even more.

    • I am one of those “low income” people. I am on a fixed income and have been overrun with cats because I can’t afford to have two of my cats neutered. I have tried to keep them apart but have missed a couple of times, thus, I HAVE KITTENS UP THE WAZOO. I would greatly appreciate some help. Feeling overwhelmed with no solution.

      • there’s a free spay and neutered event in riverside started August 1st.
        Regardless of where you live in Riverside County, you can get your dogs and cats microchipped, and spayed or neutered — all for free — as part of a county program being offered through the summer months, it was announced today.
        Riverside County’s veterinary clinic at the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus is offering the free surgeries beginning Aug. 5 for pets owned by Riverside County residents. There is no limit on the number of pets per household.
        Anyone who has already booked an appointment for the San Jacinto clinic prior to reading this news, will also receive a free pet surgery.

        The easiest way to book an appointment is through Animal Services’ Web site, http://www.rcdas.org, or by calling the clinic at 951-791-3720. A direct link to an online appointment form for the San Jacinto clinic is:

        See above. To many animals are being euthanized, returned or abuse. Shelters are over crowded. Clear the shelter events Nationwide pet adoption event is a mean for people to feed reptiles (snake) kittens and puppies, dog fighters to use them as bate, backyard breeders and sexual abuse on animals. Please make a difference by being a responsible pet owner and reporting animal cruelty. Thank you for reaching out and explaining your issue, which I think you can now resolve. Asking is the first step to solving a problem.

  3. San Bernardino obviously isn’t being run and managed to answer to the need of the dogs or to be responsible to the community it is taking money from. Two years ago I contacted extensively asking them to not be a exceptionally high kill facility and to net work the animals so they can be re-homed. They just kill them as a solution. This poor girl has no chance

  4. I am trying to hold back my tears so I can write this note…….

    This poor, terrified, precious treasure……. OMG: my instinct is to snuggle her and reassure her the world is “OK”……. I am in Northern CA, so I can’t foster Eleanor. I am praying for this precious treasure to be saved……..

    I just don’t understand how anyone could abandon a precious treasure like Eleanor…… so sorry that you were failed so horribly by your original “so-called” family……..

    There are special places in Hell reserved for Eleanor’s former “so-called” family for their cruelty……. The POS’s who abandoned you will burn in Hell forever for their cruelty……. let’s hope that they get there ASAP after suffering a terrible death in pain, alone, afraid and (worst of all), unloved…….

  5. please offer to foster where ever you are with any local rescue. Whether an animal is local or not there’s animals near by needing your help. Concentrate on your area. To many over crowded shelther to many young and old are being put down. Not all pets coming from a shelter are easy. It can take a dog 2 to 3 weeks to decompress after being rescued. They know what going on. Don’t think they don’t understand the are on death row. They have feelings. You don’t have to make a lifetime commitment like me to be foster. It can be for a short time or long lime. But any commitment to any of your local rescue is needed to save lives


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