Man arrested for running illegal slaughterhouse

Man arrested – accused of running illegal slaughterhouse/farm for sacrifice

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A man has been arrested – accused of running an illegal slaughterhouse/farm for sacrificial animals in Sunrise, Florida. According to CBS Miami, 67-year-old Kalito Jones is facing 17 felony counts of animal cruelty for his slaughterhouse operation.

The investigation

The Animal Recovery Mission’s (ARM) investigation into Jones’ “farm” resulted led to a raid on August 12 –  The Sunrise  Police Department assisted the Animal Recovery Mission as they worked to remove the surviving animals, including goats, sheep, cows, dogs and birds, from the 300 animal farm.

Richard Couto, founder of ARM, told the news agency, “The animals were seized by Animal Recovery Mission Sanctuary. They have been receiving medical care by our veterinarians. They are diseased.” Cuoto told 7 News Miami, “Animals were also being dealt for animal sacrifice, black magic, voodoo, Palo Mayombe.”

The animals on the farm were slaughtered with machetes, axes and hatches. Jones is accused of cruelly torturing the animals before they were illegally slaughtered.

The rescued puppies and their parents

The parents of the 9 Black Mouth Kur puppies are being boarded at Extra Care Animal Hospital in Davie. If you are interested in adopting the pair, or contributing to the accommodation & medical care of these dogs, please contact Taylor at


Donations for care

With the immediate influx of expenses required to provide extensive veterinary aide and dire nutrition to all of the animals, ARM is greatly in need of any donations, which can be made by clicking this link.

View more images of the heartbreaking situation here.

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  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    Golly!!! HOW ABOUT!!! A sacrifice JUST ONE MORE TIME!!! The two legged Evil , Demonic , Unbalanced, Psychopath should be pleased that his body and soul could got to the world of the walking DEAD !!! I hope the Animal Lovers in the Prison this ETHNIC POS is sent to sacrifices his Penis and Testicles and he has already produced 2 daughters trying to get him freed!!! He needs NO decendants!!!

  2. Adrienne says:

    Don’t go through a trial and sentencing for this scum, just end his life as painfully as he executed the animals in he so called farm. I would also like to see those who participated in the satanic rituals to also be rounded up and removed from their homes into jail forever.


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