Update: Emaciated puppy discovered in dumpster

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An emaciated puppy continues to fight for his life at a veterinary clinic after public works employees in Detroit, Michigan, found him thrown away like trash. The frail, black puppy was rushed to Healing Care Animal Hospital in Allen Park; weak, starved and dehydrated, but fighting his hardest to stay alive. When discovered the pup’s prognosis was bleak:Public works employees find puppy thrown away like garbage

“…we’ve named this little boy Aaron, after the frantic DPW worker who called pleading for help. He and his crew were passing by when a man flagged him down saying he was cutting grass at a house and found this baby in the trash.
He had a body temp of 94 when I arrived at the vet with him,” posted Patricia Trevino on Facebook. “He tested neg for parvo. He vomited water shortly after we arrived. It was difficult to get blood because he’s so extremely dehydrated. They finally drew it via his neck. His kidney function is very compromised which could be due to Lepto virus or being left with no food or water for extended periods of time resulting in dehydration. The results from the Lepto test will be back tomorrow. In the meantime he’s being kept in isolation, with IV, and has a warming wrap on. His temp is up to 99, but not sure he can hold that.”

The puppy had been discarded in a dumpster like unwanted garbage by someone with a heart of stone – exactly how Aaron managed to survive remains a mystery. Yet in this cloud of misery and suffering, there has appeared a ray of sunshine.  An update on the dog’s condition Tuesday morning presents a promising prognosis:

“I’m happy to say that last night Aaron was standing and wanting to come out of his cage. This morning the vet said he has eaten, and his body temp is up to 101 on its own. He’s a fighter! Results of Lepto test aren’t in as of yet.
He will be going to rescue later this morning. His foster is a veterinarian herself. Thank you to all who offered to take this little boy who was thrown away like garbage, and left for dead.”

Aaron will be heading to Lucky Day Animal Rescue located in Grand Blanc, Michigan.

Get well soon Aaron. Read the previous article about this pup here.

(Photos and video of dumpster puppy courtesy of Patricia Trevino)

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Check out his latest video:

Posted by Patricia Trevino on Tuesday, June 20, 2017

12 replies
  1. Darla says:

    Great update on Aaron. He definitely has youth on his side in helping to recover – not that it always makes a difference. Keep fighting, little guy. We’ll all pulling for you!

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    This is SO infuriating – A poor innocent puppy treated like trash and the subhuman hunk of maggot shit who did this will probably never be caught and will go on to continue their life unscathed – I truly hop Aaron recovers completely and gets the safe loving home he obviously never had – he deserves all the love he can get. Good luck Aaron – you ARE a survivor.

  3. pennysdachshund says:

    I for ONE can’t thank you enough for this update… I hauled plastic to our recycle center yesterday afternoon and this little man came to my mind while there looking at the receptacle and thinking of him struggling for his very life… it was nothing short of a miracle that HE has survived this horrific ordeal… OUR Society is going to HELL in a BASKET… I attribute it to the drug/alcohol induced society our Country has fallen into.. our youth now has the attitude that the world owes it to them because they exist in this world! There is no sense of a value system and many of our children and youth have to fend for themselves because their adult parents (?) . are out drinking, drugging, having numerous sexual encounters and quite frankly could care less about being responsible and raising a family… let welfare do it… let alone owning and taking care of a pet or two… Our world is NO Longer the Lemon aide stand and cookies on the corner… it is the “meth dealer” . We as a society are in a Crisis, our elders, children, animals, are not as strong therefore are the sad , and abused/neglected fraction of the demise of our Country and Our Freedom…

    • Allen says:

      You might want to add the many children who have “smart phones” and no longer go out to play. Wasting away their potential of using their brains and bodies for creativity and exercise.

  4. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    Poor Baby. Thank you for updating us and keeping us informed. God Bless you little Aaron, be strong and prove how awesome you are.

  5. Star Shelley says:

    My heart just aches with pain to hear about this precious pup and what some low life asshole did to him.I prayer for a quick recovery and a loving home for him.
    . To the low life I wish he has no peace in his heart,soul and mind with nightmares for the rest of his life.


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