Puppy discarded in garbage can

Ailing puppy left for dead in garbage can

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A short time ago, an ailing puppy was left for dead – abandoned in a garbage can in Detroit, Michigan. According to ABC 7 News, the emaciated puppy was near death when a good Samaritan discovered him.

Today, the pup, dubbed “Aaron,” is on the road to recovery, thanks to the efforts of Lucky Day Animal Rescue, the non-profit agency which took him under its wing. The rescue group recently updated Facebook followers with Aaron’s remarkable transformation:

You know that we love to share the amazing transformations of the animals in our care and this one leaves me speechless.
First picture is Aaron last Monday, discarded like trash and about as close to death as you can get.
Second pic was taken last night- Aaron is snoozing in a bed (he actually stole his foster dads spot!).
One week and this little guy is thriving! He is SO loved! Safe! Full belly!!! Tucked in bed with a pillow and blanket!

According to the rescue group, as of June 30, little Aaron had packed on 10 pounds and his playful, “spunky,” personality is shining through. On July 5, the rescue group stated:

Aaron is doing so good. He really loves to go for walks & today he was even rolling around in the grass being goofy- as a puppy should be!
He goes back to the vet Thursday for repeat bloodwork and a weigh in.
We are still feeding many small meals a day and every single time he willl look at me, then the food and almost wait for an invitation to eat.

A miraculous transformation for a little pup who was discarded like trash. Find Aaron’s rescue group on Facebook at this link.

Original article about Aaron at this link.

(Image via Lucky Day Animal Rescue FB page)

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  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    So glad Aaron is recovering well and will hopefully get his forever safe and loving home – something he so well deserves.

  2. Sherry says:

    Good to see Aaron is being taken care of as deserves! Sorry for his RUFF start, but hopefully things just keep getting better for this pup!


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