Nearly dead, emaciated dog left tied to fence in North Charleston

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A Chow Chow dubbed Marley by the Charleston Animal Society ,was found nearly dead on Tuesday tied to a fence on Garrett Avenue in North Charleston, and authorities are asking for the public’s help finding whomever abandoned her in such neglected condition. The emaciated dog was covered in fleas and ants; she couldn’t stand and at first rescuers thought she was dead.

According to the rescue organization, Marley is now receiving advanced veterinary care and is listed in stable condition. She is 25% under her normal body weight; she currently weighs 31-pounds and should weigh 40-pounds. The dog estimated to be two to three-years of age underwent a blood transfusion; when found her lips and guns were nearly white indicating anemia. By Wednesday morning, however the dog had already been responding to the excellent care and seemed bright and alert.

“We need the public’s help to find out what happened,” stated Charleston Animal Society Director of Anti-Cruelty & Outreach Aldwin Roman on the organization’s Facebook page. “This didn’t happen overnight; someone must know something.”

Charleston Animal Society wants struggling pet owners to know there are resources to help if they can’t afford to feed or care for their pets:

· The Animal Resource Center ( This is an online resource center for animal owners that will help solve a variety of issues.

· Charleston Animal Society Food Bank: In 2016, Charleston Animal Society provided 55,000-pounds of food to families in need.

· Visit Charleston Animal Society: We can help find solutions for pet owners, in a judgment-free environment.

Anyone with information is asked to call Animal Control at 843.740.2815 or  Crime Stoppers at 843.554.1111.

(Marley found in North Charleston photos and video courtesy of Charleston Animal Society)

Watch Marley’s video here:

Charleston Animal Society Veterinarian Angele Bice talks about Marley and her treatment. #wheremagichappens #adoptatcas

Posted by Charleston Animal Society on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

8 replies
  1. Red says:

    If you know the MONSTER responsible for the abuse of this beauty….report them or consider yourself just as guilty!!! Anyone who can hurt an animal….or constantly walk by one in need and do nothing is a monster. Period. No exceptions no excuses………you are a worthless use of skin.

    • peggy says:

      Red, you have said the true words, if someone knows of the abuser n does nothing…they are as guilty as the abuser…anyone who abuses whether animal or human is heartless n many more names, some I do not want to say in this response…if you have a fur friend, neuter r spay, love it n take the responsibility as if it is your child…after all they do become part of our families…at least my pack of 3 are my babes…

  2. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    Poor Baby. Thank you for helping and finding her. I hope she will do well. I hope you find who did this and make them pay.

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    ANY struggling pet owner who cares about their animal would NEVER leave it tied up to die – whoever did this is a maggot infested hunk of shit – I would love to nail this bastard to a tree and leave them – let the punishment fit the crime. I hope Marley recovers and gets the safe loving home she never had.

  4. Cynthia Como says:

    I hate to be a downer here BUT why do they want to find who did this?? If found they would be arrested and charged,hauled into court and then NOT PUNISHED!! As far as I’m concerned it ALL about the money and NOT about justice for a crime! The courts can take those fucking fines and shove them up the asses of the judges who refuse to punish these abusers! I feel that animal cruelty was made a crime for the sole purpose of generating money for the courts,the proof is in the pudding…..they catch the abuser,they arrest and charge the abuser,they impose a fine and then let the abuser prance out of the court with a mere slap on the wrist to repeat the abuse all over again with a new dog! EXCUSE ME if I’m under the impression that when u break the law u receive punishment as a deterrent to NOT break that law again!!! Silly me for thinking that a fine is not punishment for such a horrific,brutal and cruel crime!! That damn fine DOES NOT send the message that animal cruelty is WRONG,AGAINST THE LAW AND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED BY SOCIETY!! GOD BLESS MARLEY AND HEALING LOVING PRAYERS FOR A SPEEDY RECOVERY!!!!!


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