Dog meat banned at festival

Dog meat banned at festival after campaigning by activists

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On Tuesday, breaking news about the Yulin dog meat festival in China was released by Humane Society International. According to the animal-welfare organization, dog meat will be banned at the event starting on June 15.

The release states:

Just weeks ahead of China’s annual dog meat festival in Yulin, at which thousands of dogs and cats are brutally bludgeoned to death and sold for their meat, animal campaigners Duo Duo Project and Humane Society International have received reports from Chinese activist and confirmed by three traders at Yulin’s biggest dog meat market Dongkou, that the Yulin government is set to prohibit restaurants, street vendors and market traders from selling dog meat at the event.

Tragically, countless cats are still expected to be sacrificed for their meat at the event. According to the Daily Mail, millions of cats will be transported to the festival where they will be slaughtered and then sold. An estimated four million cats are slaughtered annually in China – and over 10 million dogs are butchered for their meat.

Dog meat banned at Yulin festival

Humane Society International stated:

While campaigners recognise that the ban is temporary and does not yet signal an end to the Yulin event in advance of which dogs are still likely to be killed, it is nonetheless a milestone victory in the ongoing campaign to end mass dog and cat slaughter at Yulin, and is evidence of growing political will from inside China to clamp down on the trade.

(Images screenshot via Daily Mail and Humane Society International)

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30 replies
  1. Angela Corso says:

    FINALLY! Good news out of China about the dog meat trade. For those of you who think my somewhat disturbing posts are worthless, the millions of emails and social media posts are what got Julin’s largest dog meat annual event changed. THIS IS A HUGE VICTORY FOR ANIMAL LOVERS LIKE MYSELF! I got tears in my eyes when I saw this victory, even if it’s just a small step to a massive problem!!!

  2. Beth says:

    They better send them to those horrific Chinese labor prison camps if ANYONE is caught!! It is a start but they better save the cats!

  3. Red says:

    If they are banning dogs….why not cats???? This is INHUMANE even if it were RATS!!! NO animal should be tortured then given a brutal death!! I know cattle and pigs are treated inhumanely at some places in the US…..but it is not a FESTIVAL THAT PEOPLE GATHER TO SEE AND PARTICIPATE IN!!!!!

  4. Red says:

    When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being, a friend, a soul.
    These are quotes….but they are very pertinent to this horrible festival.

  5. debor33 says:

    I pray to God that the killing of cats & dogs will be banned across the world….these animals are meant to be pets & not slaughtered,please never stop fighting for this to happen.

  6. Pamela D'Angio says:

    After repeated petitions signed, sharing the barbaric and horrifying disgusting festivals what these animals went through it is finally coming to an end.

    • Linda Novak says:

      Not quite. I. Sure there’ll still be some dogs killed. Definitely sounds like the poor cats will suffer for the dogs. I pray it all stops.

  7. Cynthia Como says:

    Well I do NOT believe it YET!!! Actions speak louder than words!! So I will reserve my happiness and relief when I KNOW that this is true and carried out!!! I have ZERO trust in those words but I sure am praying it is true! TEMPORARY BAN??? UGH!! Wondering why the precious cats are not included???? PLEASE GOD LET THIS BE TRUE!!!!

  8. Rev. Dr. Yvonne Ray says:

    I campaigned hard for this but I am frankly surprised we were successful. Most people are not aware that it is perfectly legal to consume dog and cat meat in 44 states in America.

  9. Diana Rowell says:

    These people are certifiably insane! ALL studies regarding the slaughter of ANY animal, have show 100% that the less animals suffer just before slaughter, the more it makes for a better tasting/tender meat product. Ergo KOSHER. The fact that 1 in 2 have had dog meat in their LIFETIME and 1 in 15 are REGULARS, PROVES they are LIARS when claiming that their sales plunge when they switch to pork,etc. This shows that these sadistic barbarians think other people are stupid and cannot do basic math. Obviously these evil, heartless bastards continue it for the PURE enjoyment of hateful, despicable treatment of innocent animals. What I don’t understand is WHY does the rest of the world KEEP funding these vile sub-humans by purchasing products made there and provide tourism dollars. This could be stopped within a year if EVERYONE who is against these heinous actions would BOYCOTT everything Chiina. It’s clear that these disgusting bullies only care about money, which is why they STEAL other people’s pets, making it cheap to procure, while these thieves make all the profit from STEALING and breaking the hearts of children. The fact that the government continues to turn a blind eye is yet another reason to BOYCOTT. I invite YOU to use YOUR power of the purse.


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