Heartbreaking neglect: Ten-pound dog left outdoors day in and day out

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Buzzy is the heartbreaking story of neglect. Only ten-pounds, the pint sized pooch was left outdoors day in and day out. Ticks have covered his body – crawling between his toes while sucking out his blood. And while Buzzy never had a chance to be a “pet” at this rural home in South Texas, we can only wonder if neighbors and friends ever noticed his condition and turned their back on a dog in dire need?

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC have stepped forward to help. Co-founder of the organization, Stacey Silverstein encourages everyone to watch Buzzy’s short video and look at the dog’s photos.

“This is real. This is the reality for a dog left outside,” Stacey posted on the rescue’s Facebook page early Thursday afternoon as Buzzy was transported to the organization’s partner veterinarian for treatment and emergency care. “There are many ways to help dogs like Buzzy. He is a young dog and weighs less than ten pounds, but of course he’s heartworm positive and suffers from tick-borne illness.”

Volunteers at the rescue couldn’t just watch Buzzy’s video without reaching out to help. Check out his teeth; he’s just a baby.  Be a voice for those who cannot speak. 

(Photos and video of dog left outdoors day in and day out courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

To help with Buzzy’s veterinarian expenses and care, donations can be made to  http://rescuedogsrocknyc.org/donate
or Pay pal: donate@rescuedogsrocknyc.org







Watch this little dog’s video here:

Posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Thursday, May 25, 2017



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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Why do people have a dog if they are going to treat it like this? Nobody forces them to get a pet! Again, bless Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, Texas should be ashamed that a rescue from New York City has to come to rescue dogs in their State!

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    Why did this POS former owner have a pet??? Dogs are pack animals and want to be with the family…….. no point in having a dog if they are left outside, ignored and not a treasured family member…….

    Hope this little treasure recovers and finds a new furever home ASAP……,

    • audrey says:

      I agree. It doesn’t make sense why have a pet if you’re only going to neglect and not provide them with vet needs.

  3. Helen says:

    What kind of people would leave such a tiny dog outside 24/7? This is truly disgusting. The owner should be charged for animal cruelty and neglect and never be allowed to have another any living pet.

  4. Debor33 says:

    These people need to put in jail for neglecting this little baby…..you can’t tell me that they did not see what was happening to him and then just turned their back on him…..he is probably very anemic…_they should never be allowed to have another pet, ever.

  5. Sheri says:

    Poor poor baby!!! This is heartbreaking. WTF is wrong with people. I live in the St Louis area and even around here way too many people think its ok to get a dog, tie him outside and forget about him. Wake up people, this is what happens. So if you have an “outside dog” please walk your happy ass outside and bring him inside and let him be part of the family as he was meant to be.

  6. Marissa says:

    I swear there are people out there that have nothing but shit for brains and not an ounce of common sense and clearly no compassion for animals. And a cold heart to boot. How can anyone do this to any animal much less a 10 Lb puppy !!!

  7. Elaine Briden says:

    Yes, I agree, its just plain ignorance. Its not like the dog is soooo big its going to be in the way. I have 3 little ones under 8 pounds and couldn’t even fathom leaving them out even unsupervised. I just don’t get peoples thinking, or lack of, just makes no sense. I’m even sure the dog has barked for attention, i know mine do, you can’t ignore a barking dog even if you wanted to. Those ignorant fuckers better be reprimanded or they’ll just go get another one.

  8. Cynthia Como says:

    OMG!! How heartbreaking and sickening!! What an absolutely priceless treasure this adorable gift from God is,I’m thank God that he was taken away from the sewer rats that owned him!! Well look at that it’s Texas AGAIN!!!! With the amount of ticks on this sweet baby it’s a miracle he is even alive!!! This little sweetheart has a lot of illness to overcome,illness that is so,so preventable!! The amount of scum bags in this country is mind boggling,if u can’t make a dog a family member and provide the basic care necessary why get a pet in the first place!!! Really pisses me off!!! Like all animal cruelty this is so very unforgivable!! And the thing that enrages me the most is that these sewer rats disguised as humans won’t be punished and will most likely be in possession of another animal and repeat this again and again and again!!! Get well soon darling little Buzzy! And once again THANK U THANK U THANK U RESCUE DOGS ROCK NYC!!! What a wonderful,outstanding rescue organization!!!

  9. Star Shelley says:

    How can people live with themselves leaving this poor soul outside without any disregard for their animal. Lord have mercy, wishing a life of nightmares, and no peace in their hearts, soul and mine for the rest of their pathetic life. Karma to them. Why do people have dogs if they cannot take care of them. Wishing the pup a life of love and care like he has never receive before. Also shame on their neighbors for not even noticing.

  10. Nancy Raymond says:

    Rescue Dogs Rock NYC keeps proving what an awesome group it is – and once again Texas proves it is probably the worst state for animal cruelty, abuse and neglect. Buzzy is an innocent defenseless puppy who was treated like trash – I’d love to get my hands on this piss poor example of an owner – send him to my northern state preferably in January so I can chain their ass outside and leave them – see how they like it.


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