Puppy abandoned in garbage bag making amazing progress

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Less than two weeks ago, Alexa had a severe case of demodex mange; she was so sick it was unknown if she would live or die. The six-month-old puppy had been surrendered to a Texas shelter in a black garbage bag. Inside of the bag her skin bled; she had been carried to the rear of the building to be placed in a kennel to await humane euthanasia. Sick dogs are killed immediately; often there is little time or money to treat and care for them at rural shelters.

When animal rescuer Leslie Ysuhuaylas, a Texas-based volunteer for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC informed Stacey Silverstein about the puppy, emergency plans were formulated. The puppy was transported to Dallas for emergency care. It was unknown if the puppy, who was completely devoid of fur and in excruciating pain would survive, but Alexa was a fighter.

And on Saturday, the Vizsla already has been showing signs of her aristocratic bearing. She has arrived in New York and is being fostered while her coat grows back and she gets stronger. The six-month-old puppy’s update on Facebook drew “oohs and aahs” at her amazing progress:

“Update On Garbage Bag Dog. Check out Alexa
She’s doing so much better since those scary shelter days when she was dropped off in a black garbage bag, hairless with bloody infected skin
She is still hairless, but on her way to being completely healthy with continued vet care and TLC from her loving foster Mom.”

Alexa is kid and dog friendly. She has not been tested with cats, but is just about ready for adoption. Interested in this gorgeous gal? Click here for an application to adopt.

To help Rescue Dogs Rock NYC save more dogs in desperate need, donations can be made  http://rescuedogsrocknyc.org/donate
or Paypal: donate@rescuedogsrocknyc.org.

(Photos of Alexa courtesy of Leslie Ysuhuaylas and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook here.

Read about the state trooper who rescued a little hit and run pup by clicking here.


11 replies
    • Nancy Raymond says:

      Yes, they are priceless – Rescue Dogs Rock NYC ALWAYS come through for any animal needing help. So glad Alexa is doing better. Hope whoever dumped her ends up living and dying painfully and slowly under a filthy bridge.

  1. pennysdachshund says:

    Just LOOK at this PROUND and BEAUTIFUL YOUNG GIRL… Who did this to her should be down right ashamed…. of course they are they are typical Texas animal Abusers…. the are like termites and should be exterminated!!!

  2. Star Shelley says:

    She is,adorable, so sad who ever turned her in did not have the decenty to take her to a vet or even reach out for help. Poor baby. Which her a life of love and care.

    • katherine sage says:

      Hi Star,

      I was Alexa’s foster mom. What’s missing from this story is the young girl who found Alexa wandering around, brought her home and tried to nurse her back to health. She soon realized Alexa required more care than she could afford. She spoke with the local shelter who assured her Alexa would be given medical care. Had she known the truth, she never would have brought her in. This young girl did the right thing

  3. Cynthia Como says:

    Oh this makes me so happy!!! She sure does look much better!! Thank u God for this beautiful puppy’s existance and rescue!!! I love RESCUE DOGS ROCK NYC!!!!!!! Happy life sweet Alexa!

  4. ellen cottone says:

    Amazing, earthshaking, transformation. and a beautiful redish fawn color. She looks almost regal.
    She is so pretty she could be a model.


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