Family of swans stop traffic on busy highway as police escort them to safety

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A family of swans stopped traffic on a busy highway Friday as they tried to cross for “greener grass” in West Lothian in Bathgate. A Good Samaritan contacted the Scottish SPCA and alerted them about the two adult swans and their five cygnets in the roadway very likely in danger of being hit by a vehicle.

According to the Scottish SPCA, police stopped traffic to allow the birds to be gently guided to the other side using what else – but a pedestrian crossing to help the birds get across. Animal experts escorted the flock back into their pond.

Fiona Thorburn, the Scottish SPCA animal rescue officer commented on the situation and was more than grateful for the help:

“We were alerted after a concerned member of the public spotted the birds near a roundabout and was worried about their safety, The police were in attendance too as traffic had to be stopped to ensure we had no casualties. We were thankfully able to escort them back over the nearby pond before they came to any harm.”

How wonderful that humans can take the time and have the compassion to help those who cannot speak. Why not stop by at the Facebook page of the Scottish SPCA and express your thanks – don’t forget to tell them the Pet Rescue Report sent you and we are all so proud of the police rescue efforts too.

(Photos of family of swans via Scottish SPCA )

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  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    A shame they don’t do a better job here in the US with assistance to these fowl… we have had several instances on video of people ( like the teacher ) running ducks, and geese and goslings down and getting away with NO consequences at all@@


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