Man arrested for kicking dog in supermarket

In Tuen Mun located in the New Territories, (Tuen Mun New Town is a new town developed by Hong Kong Government in Tuen Mun, New Territories, Hong Kong in the 1970s,) a local resident was arrested on Tuesday after he was seen kicking a dog before throwing the animal cruelly to the ground.

According to the Asia Times, police raided the 53-year-old man’s apartment in Po Tin Estates later that afternoon and arrested Lui for abusing a dog in the Po Tin shopping center. A witness videoed the disturbing situation and posted the five-second video on social media showing the man ruthlessly kicking the dog at the entrance to the store. The dog lost its balance before recovering and ran out of the store.

Area residents stated the dog’s new owner told authorities his dog became lost while the two had been shopping, and his dog had been waiting at the supermarket for his owner to return. The suspect had been angry when he spotted the dog at the store and questioned the staff why the dog was there. Taking matters into his own hands, Lui grabbed the dog, threw it on the ground and then kicked it.

Fortunately the dog was reunited with his owner and was not badly injured. Police in Tuen Mun are investigating.

(Photos of man kicking dog in supermarket screenshot from video)

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  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    This is friggin’ China where NO investigation will materialize – this country has proven its total lack of humanity towards animals – This hunk of maggot shit named “Lui” will go on his merry way and continue to abuse animals. I am glad the dog is OK and hopefully, some animal advocates in China will find their way to the abuser’s home – may he get what he deserves.

  2. sherry D. hadley says:

    Yes, I’m surprised this jackass was arrested there, since they have far less concern for dogs there and there is little if any legal action ever taken. This piece of shit will hopefully be met by some vigilante justice out there. I hope he gets the living crap kicked out of him (repeatedly)!

  3. tina says:

    There is a new generation of Chinese people who do not tolerate animal abuse,but, not enough for laws to change!!! It’s going to take many years and perhaps decades.


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