Chicago intervention program saves ailing puppy owner couldn’t afford to help

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There were tears in the eyes of a dog owner in the parking lot at Chicago Animal Care and Control on Thursday afternoon, as a man sat in his car hugging an apparently ailing puppy lying helplessly in the back seat. The dog wasn’t feeling well, and the man didn’t have the money to take him to a veterinarian for help. According to shelter volunteer, Lindsay Joy, the man had been to the shelter, then to a vet (no money – no treatment) and then back at the shelter.

“I pulled in and saw him pacing back and forth, with his hands on his head clearly distraught as his options to surrender or go home and hope for the best,” stated Lindsay as she watched anticipating she would be calling one of her rescue friends to help save a dog after being surrendered.

The puppy was quite lethargic as he slept quietly in the back seat. Because he was so young, Lindsay worried the dog could have had a multiple of issues – perhaps even parvo. That’s when Lindsay learned a lot more about the pup’s owner as the two waited for additional help. The man works two jobs in order to pay the way for his teenage daughter’s college expenses. The puppy, named Gray, was the man’s first dog, and the reason he runs home every day to walk, feed and love; calling Gray “his only son.”

“He actually had to walk out on a client to get to Gray when his girlfriend mentioned the dog wasn’t being his normal self. I didn’t want to pry into his life,” Lindsay continued, “but I believe he is a caregiver for the elderly; he was dressed in his uniform with a stethoscope around his neck.”

“I get so used to seeing people carelessly drop off their animals,” Lindsay stated, “and now here’s a man who just wants his dog to live and I felt so hopeless.”

And then there was help; leave it to animal advocates and their larger than life compassion plus the burning desire to make a difference for each – one dog at a time. Chicagoland Rescue Intervention & Support Program CRISP, came to the rescue. The relief on the man’s face melted Lindsay’s heart, and immediately the dog’s owner headed to the veterinarian and promised to call when he arrived at Countryside Veterinary Care.

The man gave a play by play accounting of what was going on with his dog, and expressed how happy, but surprised at how others showed such kindness in a world sometimes just so unexpected. He offered to take everyone out to dinner after he gets paid next week. Gray was sent home with medication; fortunately he was parvo negative and his x-rays looked fine. It is possible Gray ate something he wasn’t, and this first time dog owner was given some expert feeding and care advice. By the time Gray and his human returned home, the puppy was already acting more like himself.

Check out Chicagoland Rescue Intervention & Suppor Program, and help these volunteers save more pets in need just like Gray. Donate by clicking here.

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Photo of Chicago puppy via courtesy of Lindsay Joy.

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9 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    WOW !!! An individual that CARES DEEPLY for his pet!!! The WOMAN THAT ACTUALLY TOOK THE TIME TO HELP>>> IT has MADE MY DAY FOR SURE>>> IS there ACTUALLY HOPE and CARING PEOPLE LEFT!!! YES! YES! YES! I with the little guy and his caring owner well!!!

  2. Alisa Clark says:

    ????it does my❤️️heart good too know there are still kind loving people in this world. And that this loved his dog so much . God bless everyone that had a hand in this good deed????????????????????

  3. ellen cottone says:

    He asked for help,
    He went looking for help with his babe in arms and he was not going to go home alone.
    And the heavens delivered.
    The world is a Good place today.

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    Its quite uplifting to see someone who cares deeply about their pet get help. So glad he was able to keep his dog and a giant THANK YOU to Chicagoland Rescue Intervention & Support for stepping up and seeing the dog was helped and is now recovered.

  5. John says:

    Thank You for Helping this Man with His Puppy. I Hope the Puppy will now Live a Long Healthy Life with his Owner. I Love Stories like this.


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