Parasite ridden dog at packed dog pound

Parasite-ridden dog surrendered at dog pound that is completely full

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A thin dog, who was surrendered by her owner to a dog pound that is currently so full that there are no empty kennels, is in desperate need of help. The five-year-old dog, named “Tess,” is at the Cleveland County Animal Control in Shelby, North Carolina, and she has been there since March.

Tess arrived with a body that was infested with parasites – the worms robbed her of nutrients and left her thin. During her time at the animal control agency, she has gained weight, but nobody has expressed interest in rescuing her.

Now, this long-timer needs urgent help because the facility is completely full. The following information has been posted about Tess:

Intake Date 3/6/2017
Owner Surrender
SPAYED. UTD on shots.
Per CCAC: Pocket Pit girl. Sweet and submissive. Starting to look better, after getting rid of those worms. She’s gaining weight!

Animal ID #A34798165
Species Dog
Breed Terrier, Pit Bull/Mix
Age 5 years
Gender Female
Size Medium
Color Red/Tan
Housetrained Unknown
Site Cleveland County Animal Control
Location S. Runs

Tess needs your help – please share her information and help her have the chance to be somebody’s beloved companion.

Facebook thread here.

Petango profile here.

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18 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    This piss poor example of an owner should be brought up on animal cruelty charges – I do not understand how a shelter can allow someone who obviously neglected their dog and then dumped the poor animal in a shelter to get away with this. Isn’t it tragic that a so called ‘human’ can deny their companion animal to suffer and they get away with it. Tess desperately needs help and so well deserves it.

  2. ellen cottone says:

    She suffers from overbreeding. she has been forced to live out side way outside by a hutch.She dIminished from overbreeding. shes sad because her puppies have all been taken away from her.
    not a puppy mill but the dispicable back wood breeder. shes had a litter recentally.
    If i was a shelter worker i would investigate the property to see whats really going on. im sure the 60 or so puppies she has had ripped form her have not been put in the hands of loving familys. I would make it my business..
    She has been cast aside and replaced by one of her daughters. Who now begins her life of suffering.
    Untill someone or something happens.

      • ellen cottone says:

        yes as always. But deep down you know its true.
        thats why i felt the need to tell the full story. we should know how she suffers still
        And why she is suffering now even though she is saved.

        the heart break is in her face. she is asking the people sourrounding her taking the picture . she says i know im safe. i feel kindness so can i ask? will you help me get my puppies. that is what she is doing in the exact moment in this pic. she is trying to communicate shes looking from human to human asking but no one can understand her. she is bashfully asking ” can i have my babies? those bad people have them and they keep taking them. can you find them also? can you save them so we can be

        I think thats why i was indignant and said i would secreatly investigate the property to see what really is going on. Because i got her message in a headach and pictures. vividly.

        But i will give you the tell that triggered the flow of immages barkleys mom. and i would like to to log it for future referance. because i do believe one day you will save a dog in a similar situation in your area. because you will see and understand on an enlightened level. i also think you are on the look out for animals in need.

        It was the 5yrs old. when an animal is abused in a small breeding operation look out for this consistancy.
        remember 5years. they breed at 6months first heat by 5yrs yrs they are reproductivally ruined thats why she is depleated not parasites.
        they vet techs are treating for parasites because thats treatable but the real issue is her forced over breading and living outside.

        At 5yrs they are killed or dumped at a ahelter because they are ruined health wise and can not produce the quality or amount for a profit.
        You will see it again and again. shes had a recent litter and it heart breaking. they are not ingood hands. Especially her female daughters.
        Now you know. run with it.

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        You “got her message in a headache and pictures. vividly”? Reading this gave me a headache. I’m sorry I asked.

      • ellen cottone says:

        I can only word it the best way I could at the moment. Because I never think about it. its just so obvious. shes been used as breeding stock
        Your going to sit there and mock me!?

        Because your blind to the obvious. Thats your joy ? being smug? whats your point?
        you dont think im wrong, nooo you know im right . it just pisses you off because neither of us know how I know. And You care deeply enough to ask and I was polite enough to answer. So whats your deal anyway?

        What ever your problem is B.M its between you and you. You mean nothing to me but you seem curious about me. Enough.
        In answer to your original question.
        Yes you did miss the obvious sorry bone heads like you need it spelled out to you.
        sorry your such a drag also.

        She has been “overbreed” used and discarded. Your really that cluless not to see that?
        No wonder your asking strangers for help. Go back to helping your self.
        Sorry your such a sucker that you will believe anything your told.maybe you should check for parasites.

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        ec, I’d only be a “sucker” if I believed everything YOU tell! And there is NOTHING polite about you!

      • ellen cottone says:

        bm, youv been a suker long befor you chose to battle witts with ec.
        but dont let me get in the way of you attaining grand suckerdom. and dont for get im extreamly cordial until your snotty dig(s).
        If you cant stand the heat get your face away from the fire.
        You Know If I didnt know any better. Im beginning to think you dont like me!!??

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        Oh come on ellen cottone, you know I LOVE you! Who else can I talk to that will call me “idiot” “bone head”, and a multitude of other endearing names?

      • ellen cottone says:

        I have a feeling we were related in a past life time.
        You annoy the hell out of me.its an honor to know and pester you.

  3. John says:

    This Stupid Owner should have taken His Dog to a Vet. People that Work in Shelters don’t know How to take care of Animals.

  4. Joanne says:



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