‘Bites, scratches and pees’: Family bought lion cubs as pets

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A family from Russia purchased two lion cubs as pets for their children, but were angry and disappointed the cub “bites, scratches and pees.” Now they are trying to sell the three-month old super kitties and posted an online advertisement stating:

“Attention! Maximum repost! Lion cub, female, three months old. We bought it for our children, but it turned out that the lion cub can scratch, bite and most importantly pee.”Lion cub 2

According to The Metro, although the ad was placed anonymously, Veles, a Russian animal rescue shelter, who had been notified by concerned animal activists, through some detective work and an investigation discovered the family owns two lion cubs – Tver and Tula. Spokesperson Alexandr Fedorov, for the rescue organization, told the public the cubs eat 39.6 lbs of meat a day, and the shelter is not able to meet the expenses.

Fortunately, the Taigan Safari Park in Belogorsk has expressed an interest in taking the cubs. Two years ago, the sanctuary which houses about 50 African lions, including rare white lions, met the risk of their animals starving to death as economic restrictions were placed on Ukrainian accounts following Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Zubkov, a Ukrainian business man and former military officer, created the animal tourist attraction from a former Cold War-era military base over 90 acres of land, according to Russia Today. Fortunately, additional funding became available and the wild animals were no longer used as war victims.

Tragically, it is not known where these cubs came from, and obviously they will never have the opportunity to live in the wild as nature intended.  In Russia, owning exotic pets is a status symbol – that is until the wild animal” scratches, urinates” or grows too large to control.

(Photos of lion cubs via the Metro screenshots.)

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Video of four lion cubs born at the Taigan Safari Park:


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  1. And what may I ask did these idiots think a lion cub would do? I suppose the thought it would stay little forever too? Unbelievable!

  2. Take the story for what its worth, No names, just more drama to raise money for animal rights people. Wake up people this is a million dollar market telling lies like this to make money. check out bigcatrescuewatch.com if you want to see a scam


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