Girl catches escaped lion with her bare hands and videoed carrying the huge cat down the street

In Kuwait, an escaped pet lion that had been roaming the streets after it ran away from its home was videoed being caught by a young girl. The online video shows the woman dressed in … Read More

Blatant animal cruelty as Pakistan couple use ‘sedated’ lion cub as prop for wedding photos

A newlywed couple in Pakistan has been drawing severe backlash from animal lovers across the globe after social media photographs allegedly showed a “sedated” lion cub being used as a prop for the couple’s wedding … Read More

Lion cub whose legs were broken to pose for tourists off to Africa for new life

Animal cruelty hit a new all time low earlier this year when a lion cub’s legs were intentionally broken so it could not escape while being forced to take photos with visitors and tourists at … Read More

‘Lion King of Instagram’ under cruelty investigation for punching lion cub

He’s dubbed the “Lion King of Instagram,” yet Dean Schneider is now under an animal cruelty investigation in South Africa after he posted a video of himself allegedly punching a lion club after the animal … Read More

‘RICH KID’ of Instagram outraged fans posing with lion cub

A popular “RICH KID” of Instagram, who has nearly a quarter of a million followers, outraged her fans after posing with a lion cub and laughed as the cub pawed its way around the interior … Read More

Viral video of animal welfare worker smashing cake into lion’s face

A video of an animal welfare worker in Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, smashing a cake into the face of a pet lion has gone viral – and for all the wrong reasons. The … Read More

Young lioness declawed so she could play with visitors at zoo

A zoo located in the southern Gaza Strip in Palestine recently declawed a young lioness in an effort to make her friendlier so visitors would be able to interact  and “play” with her.

According to … Read More

Lion cub discovered in Lamborghini at Paris’ tourist attraction

A French animal protection organization is caring for a lion cub found by police in a Lamborghini in Paris at the Champs-Elysees Boulevard. It is suspected someone wanted to sell the cub for profit.

When … Read More

‘Bites, scratches and pees’: Family bought lion cubs as pets

A family from Russia purchased two lion cubs as pets for their children, but were angry and disappointed the cub “bites, scratches and pees.” Now they are trying to sell the three-month old super kitties … Read More