Begging to be saved: 15-years-old, blind and only 6-pounds in NYC shelter

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How does a 15-year-old dog who is blind and barely weighs six pounds wind up at the Manhattan’s facility of New York City Animal Care and Control? Volunteers begging for help saving this little dog can not imagine her sitting alone in the loud, cold and frightening shelter without someone helping her. And yes, Thomasina needs a miracle. Share this little dog’s plight with friends, family, social media contacts and approved rescue organizations. Sharing saves lives.

Thomasina is eligible to be adopted by someone in the public. Doesn’t she deserve better than this? Please help.

Thomasina 17242
Small Mixed Breed
Second  Teddy Bear 
Sex female
Age 15 yrs (approx)
Weight 6.31 lbs
My health has been checked.
My vaccinations are up to date.
My worming is up to date.
I have been micro-chipped.
I am at the Manhattan, NY Animal Care Center location.

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(Photo of dog begging to be saved via Urgent Dogs of NYC)

Additional information about Thomasina can be found here.

Manhattan Shelter: 326 East 110 St. New York, NY 10029
Phone number (212) 788-4000 (automated only)
Operating hours: Monday through Friday 12.00pm to 8.00pm, Saturday & Sunday: 10.00am to 6.00pm. Closed on all Holidays.

For more information on adopting from the NYC AC&C, or to find a rescue to assist, please read the following:

If you are local to the Tri-State, New England, and the general Northeast United States area, and you are SERIOUS about adopting or fostering one of the animals at NYC ACC, please read our MUST READ section for instructions, or email Our experienced volunteers will do their best to guide you through the process.

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15 replies
  1. vicki hood says:

    Please–DON’T VACCINATE. THAT WILL KILL HER. OLD DOGS HAVE NO NEED AS THEY HAVE DEVELOPED THEIR OWN PROTECTIONS AND TO INSULT THEIR SYSTEMS WITH AUTOIMMUNE DESTROYERS IS INSANE. ANY KNOWLEDGEABLE VET CAN TELL YOU NOT TO VACCINATE EITHER AN OLD OR A SICK DOG. I would take this baby in a minute. I have room in my bed. i cook good clean food for every day with organic veggies, brown rice, turkey, organic sweet potatoes, organic dog cookies on and on. I am too far away but if you could get her transported i would provide the best for her. I am in Roseburg Oregon. Know a private pilot headed this way? I am trained for blind dogs. She would fit right in. I am good with skin, food health, blindness, comforting and disabled. I usually have 8 but am getting older and now have only 4. I do volunteer transport so i know there are volunteers throughout the states. Please consider me if there is transport by volunteer services. I love Thomasina already. I need her here with me.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    PLEASE some kind person step up for Thomasina – this hell hole that pretends to be a shelter will kill her within 18 hours – NYCACC is the pits – they are run by the worst of the lot – Risa Weinstock, who is no friend to animals – she does not care one bit – she kills them daily. This little dog needs to get out of there ASAP.

  3. Gizmos Mommy says:

    Why am I not surprised about this? Because we discard senior pets AND people like they are trash. I’ll never discard my pups no matter how old they are. And if I ever have to hobo s nursing home – – a gun will come in very handy to leave this world. I’ve seen how seniors are treated and it’s not a life for me. And FUCK maggots who abandon pets because they get old. Do the world a favor and abandon this planet.

  4. Michael Coulter says:

    Who could be that heartless?

    This little girl should be snuggled in her humans lap, dreaming good dreams, and living the best life she can before she crosses the Rainbow Bridge, not stuck in a scary, noisy place wondering what’s going on!

    Karma is a cast iron bitch!!!

    For the scum that abandoned her, I hope your children are just as heartless, when comes the time for you to need help!

    I hope you die lonely and afraid, stuck in some crappy “retirement home”, wondering why your family abandoned you!


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