More animal cruelty in Mumbai: Puppy thrown off balcony dies

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Not more than six-months ago, two medical students in Chennai, India videoed themselves throwing a dog off of a three story balcony, another puppy met the same disturbing fate this past week. The last time the dog named Badra survived; this time the three-month-old puppy named Julie died a torturous and frightening death.

According to MidDay, the stray puppy was flung from the balcony of the two-story Tolaram Nagar building in Chembur Colony, Mumbai. A formal complaint was registered on January 24 against an unidentified person to the RCF Police Station by a neighborhood Good Samaritan who feeds strays. In just one week, this i became the second act of animal cruelty after another citizen reportedly killed a dog. According to an eyewitness, the disturbing events unfolded as follows:

 “Around 5 pm, we could hear dogs barking. After about 20 minutes, there was a loud howl of a dog and we heard something fall on the ground with a loud thud. We immediately looked outside and saw the little puppy. It tried to get up at first, but then collapsed on the spot. When we went closer, we were shocked to see that it was already dead.”

Police Sub Inspector, Sandesh Baukar of the RCF police station, who is investigating the case, stated a necrospy was performed on the puppy and:

“According to the report, it was not a natural death. There are five suspects in the case and two eye-witnesses. However, there are no CCTV cameras in and around the spot of the incident. Still, we are certain we can nab the culprit.”

Last year two medical students threw a dog over a third floor were suspended from school. The dog Badra suffered a broken leg but survived the ordeal. She has since been adopted by one of the local animal activists. Sadly, this puppy doesn’t get another chance.

Read more about animal cruelty in Mumbai and how animal advocates are trying to stop it.

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(Photo of puppy thrown off balcony and died via screenshot by MidDay)


10 replies
  1. Darla says:

    RIP Julie. I will never understand how someone gets up one morning and decides: “I’m going to throw a puppy off a balcony today just for the hell of it.” The line at the entrance to Hell will keep getting longer as the cruelty of this world becomes worse and worse every day.

  2. Cathy Rolley says:

    They should put a sign on the evil cowards who do these horrible things to animals that reads this is what happens to cowards that are cruel to animals and throw them off the highest buildings and video it while they hit the ground.I This is sick and evil.They are worthless cowards kill them.Those poor helpless dogs so so very sad.I bet if they started throwing these worthless cowards off buildings and video taped it others would think twice about it.Why does the law let them get off easy.They don’t deserve second chances they didn’t care to give those dogs second chances.Kill all of these worthless cowards they are nothing but trash.

  3. Deborah J. says:

    Put their sorry a=== in jail. Those Medical Students should NOT be Doctors in the future, they are a danger to society at large!

  4. linda says:

    No offense to many of the doctors from India that come to the US to practice medicine, but, this is such heartbreaking that they can do this to dogs and yet become doctors to help humans. It leads me to believe that they are sociopaths hiding beneath the doctor’s oath. POS’s!!!!!!


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