More animal cruelty in Mumbai: Puppy thrown off balcony dies

Not more than six-months ago, two medical students in Chennai, India videoed themselves throwing a dog off of a three story balcony, another puppy met the same disturbing fate this past week. The last time … Read More

Mumbai’s animal cruelty continues for desperate puppy

In Mumbai’s continued horrific animal cruelty situations, two more dogs have been rescued and are slowly recovering, but not without inhumane suffering at the hands of the most despicable culprits.  According to Mid-day News, … Read More

Heartless Mumbai man ran over a stray dog for peeing on his tire

Caught on a video and posted on Facebook, animal advocates are expressing their horror and disgust slamming the Mumbai, India man who ran over a stray dog, reports the India Times. And why? The … Read More