Man sentenced to jail for dragging dog to his death behind his pickup truck

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In an egregious case of animal cruelty, a Vancouver, Washington man has been sentenced to jail for dragging the family’s nine-year-old pit bull tethered by her hind legs behind his pickup truck. David Kadow, 52, was found guilty of second degree animal cruelty after the dog fell out of the truck and was dragged to her death.David Kadow Koin

According to the Columbian, the jury deliberated for 40 minutes and reached the decision that Kadow either knowingly, recklessly or with criminal negligence inflicted unnecessary suffering or pain upon the dog named Hailey last May. The dog died after she got caught in the rear wheel well crushing her chest, as the leash she had been tethered to snapped.

On May 22, Vancouver police responded to a report about a dog being dragged by a truck and then carried into a residence at the 3300 block of East 21st Street. Witnesses claimed Kadow’s wife became hysterical when she saw her dog dead and screamed to her husband that he had killed her. Deputies found Hailey’s body in the house. On the right side of the truck, deputies could see the dog’s claw marks as she desperately tried to climb on board the truck while being dragged.

Kadow had been driving with a suspended license for a recent DUI and had just been released two days prior to Hailey’s death from jail while on a supervised release program.  Kadow was sentenced to jail for 90 days on the animal cruelty conviction, 10 days for driving with a suspended license to run consecutively and 60 more days on a separate matter.  The judge suspended 354 days of the potential sentences for two years and will be served under probation.

Rest in peace Hailey. We are so sorry you were failed and made to suffer an agonizing death. We hope you received a little justice.

(Photos via screenshots from Koin of man sentenced to jail for dragging dog)

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16 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    So two days after this POS is released from jail on a supervised release program, he is driving with a suspended license, dragging his wife’s dog by the hind legs behind his truck killing her and this is the punishment he gets? Sorry, not enough! We see his first stay in jail had no effect on him, so get the low life off the streets for good! I’m sure his wife did become hysterical, had he been my husband there wouldn’t have been a need for a trial, just a funeral!

  2. Edward Nagle says:

    hey dooche judge good fuckin move suspend his sentence so now his next victim good a human being like you or one of ur family members best thing step down from being a judge because you suck at it

  3. Carole says:

    Sentence way too light. GD SOB needs to be dragged to his death. It should be illegal to transport a dog, or any animal, in the open bed of a pickup. You see these redneck scum that think they are macho with a dog in the bed of their truck. I’d like to shoot their heads off every time I see it. They don’t care the danger they are putting a member of their family in. I hope that guy’s wife makes him suffer every day for the rest of his miserable life.

    • Richard says:

      She will. Some one should tie his legs and run home behind a pick up and drag him . These people are a few Dominos short of a full pack. God will take care of him, God does love His animals. RIP

  4. Laura Lee Wojtowicz says:

    I don’t think that judge has all his marbles…It’s that, or doesn’t believe dogs are living beings, or got a blow job, or maybe they are drinking buddies. When are judges going to see the hint of light theSE crimes from this guy are progressingly getting worse and next it will be a human being deaf.

  5. Red says:

    SUSPENDED SENTENCE??!!! Until the courts and judges LOCK THIS SICK, VILE, MONSTERS UP and keep them this will not stop…. It should be a mandatory 5 years in jail/prison and $100,000 fine. Trust me, it would make all these creeps stop and think if they knew what they were facing. However, right now, they just get a swat on the hand and a vacation for a couple of weeks. This is crap!

  6. Bev Woodburn says:

    Drag this psychopathic depraved animal torturing monster David Kadow, 52 until this vile and evil bastard dies in agony the same as innocent and helpless Hailey endured. This vile and evil monster should have been put to death. And the punishment this monster received was an absolute disgrace. It is about time that Animal Protection Laws were made much more stricter, where these animal torturing monsters are put to death. The punishment this monster was handed was an absolute disgrace. It is about time that Animal Protection Laws were made much more stricter, where these animal torturing monsters are put to death. This evil lowlife pos took the life of a faithful and innocent dog named Hailey and the lowlife vile and evil monster David Kadow must be eradicated from the planet. The vile and evil animal torturing lowlife monsters will continue heinously torturing the precious and innocent sentient beings if the lowlife nonhuman lowlife monsters are not stopped. So kill all animal torturers and abusers!!!!!!! RIP Hailey. Run free beautiful girl in beautiful Animal Heaven. No more suffering just pure peace.


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