Man drags officer, flips car killing dog in fiery crash

Man drags police officer, flips car killing himself and dog

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A fiery crash left a man, and a dog, dead in a devastating car accident in DeLand, Florida. According to Click Orlando, the deadly incident happened in the early morning hours on Wednesday after a police officer pulled over a vehicle, and the driver tried to get away while the officer’s hand was still in the vehicle.

The man who ultimately rolled his car in a dramatic accident on Stone Street has been identified as 26-year-old  Justin L. Johnson. The authorities were contacted about Johnson after a taxi driver called for assistance because his passenger, a female, reported that the man following them in a white SUV was her boyfriend. The woman was en route to a hospital because she had been involved in what is described as a “disturbance.”

Officer Tony Tagle, the officer who pulled over Johnson, has stated that he believed that he could see drugs inside of Johnson’s vehicle – the driver fled the scene, while the officer’s hand was in the car, during the traffic stop. The deadly accident took place moments later.

According to WESH, neighbors who witnessed the fatal accident reported hearing a dog crying – the dog did not survive the crash. The officer involved in the incident sustained a hand injury – he was examined at an area hospital and released.

(Photo screenshot via WESH News)


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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Please forgive me if I say I am only sorry the dog had to die this way! This was obviously an abuser and he got what he deserved, I only wish he hadn’t taken the dog with him.

  2. Star Shelley says:

    Too bad the young had to died, but I am more concern with his dog, poor baby he did not deserve to die this way. RIP Sweet baby, run free.

  3. Cathy Rolley says:

    That poor helpless innocent dog didn’t deserve to die.I don’t feel sorry for the driver he was just another loser who hurt his girlfriend enough to send her to the hospital and didn’t care about the officer’s life either .If he cared about his dog he wouldn’t have been driving crazy running from the police with his poor helpless innocent dog in the car.That poor dog.You have gone to heaven now.That loser probably abused his dog too being he abused his girlfriend so I don’t feel sorry for the driver one less monster in the world.


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