Three Stockton dogs believed rented for sex

In a disturbing case of animal abuse, a Stockton, California rescue organization alleges three dogs were being sexually abused. According to Second Chance Kitty, a non-profit animal rescue, a Good Samaritan had notified authorities that dogs were being rented for sex in a South Stockton neighborhood. A Facebook post from the organization on Tuesday afternoon stated veterinarians confirmed that two of the dogs were sexually violated and had severe internal damage. The third dog had scratches and bruises on her inner thighs.

“Their vaginal areas are swollen and there’s been severe trauma,” said Regina Sanchez, a volunteer with Second Chance Kitty.

Channel 2WgrzNews interviewed witness,  Lizet Avila, who lives in the neighborhood near East Charter Way. Avila confronted the owner of the dogs after she found one of the dogs stumbling as she walked – as if the dog had been drugged.

Emma, a brown terrier and Ava, a pit bull were both sexually abused. Lobo, the white husky has bruises, and all of the dogs are being treated at the Venetian Pet Hospital. Ava is pregnant with ten puppies; it is hoped she and the pups can be saved. The latest update on Ava’s condition stated:

“The puppies survival rate is low if they are born now, our veterinarian says. Due to the trauma she’s endured, she must have a cesarean section at the time of delivery. Ava has suffered unimaginable acts of cruelty and deserves the gift of motherhood. She has dropped tonight and the doctor is checking in routinely throughout the night…”

Medical examination indicated Emma had cervical and uterine tears consistent with introduction and force of a foreign object. The dog suffers from peritonitis. Further rectal examination revealed irritation caused by entry and friction of an unknown origin. Emma was spayed on Tuesday.

Stockton Animal Services Division states they are in the very early stages of their investigation and can’t confirm details. No one has been charged; the owner of the dogs denies all allegations.

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(Photos of  rented for sex via Second Chance Kitty Facebook_