Teen admits to having sex with dog – again

An innocent dog was sexually assaulted by an Ohio teen, and it’s not the first time. According to Wednesday’s WFLA News, a 17-year-old boy was caught in bed (naked) with the family dog, “PeeWee,” by a member of his family.

The teen, whose name has not been released, admitted to the authorities that he had engaged in sexual activity with the weiner dog in July and September, and he was charged last year with the same crime (for committing bestiality with the same dog).

The teen was still on probation for last year’s crime…not that it did anything to deter his vile behavior. This time around, the young man is facing two misdemeanor counts of bestiality and animal cruelty.

PeeWee is being examined by a veterinarian to see if there was serious harm done…the charges may be altered if the dog is found to be hurt badly.

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Arkansas man charged with having sex with a donkey

An Arkansas man was booked into the Benton County jail on Monday after having been charged with sneaking into a yard and having sex with one of the homeowner’s donkeys. The Siloam Springs Police Department stated a residence located on Cheri Whitlock Street had been under extra patrol after a man was seen entering the yard, feeding a donkey carrots and then engaging in sex with the animal.

Everett Lee Compton, 49, was arrested after police found him hiding behind bushes on July 16 at 1:30 a.m. According to FoxNews, Compton said he had been taking a walk, and admitted he had been feeding one of the donkeys carrots, but denied having any sexual contact. Video surveillance, however showed the suspect feeding a donkey, covering its eyes and then showed the man standing behind the animal appearing to “have some type of sexual interaction” with the donkey.

Compton allegedly admitted he had been smoking marijuana which he told police “makes him do sick things.” He has been charged with four counts of criminal trespassing, bestiality and animal cruelty. As of Tuesday, Compton remained in jail in lieu of $5,000 bond.

(Photo via Benton County Detention Center screenshot)

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64-year-old woman who engaged in dog ‘sex parties’ free for odd excuse

A 64-year-old woman, who admitted to engaging in sex with dogs at bizarre parties, was facing charges for the acts of bestiality, but she was spared time in jail because of the excuse that she gave to officials. According to the Daily Mail, Carol Bowditch admitted that she had sex with multiple dogs, but she did not have to spend time behind bars because she explained that she was unaware that bestiality is illegal in England.

Bowditch admitted to engaging in sex with a Labrador retriever, St. Bernard and a German shepherd – and acknowledged that she had been a willing participant at parties which involved participants watching their dogs have sex with women. The twisted gatherings began with the women having sex with the pets, and then with the dogs’ owners.

Authorities found video evidence of Bowditch engaging in sexual acts with dogs – Prosecutor Victoria Rose explained what was found:

‘Included was an eight minute and 59 seconds video of Mrs Bowditch engaging in vaginal and oral sex with a St Bernard dog named Oscar. ‘When the defendant was interviewed she admitted she had penetrative sex with dogs. ‘She accepted it had taken place over several years. She was unaware it was illegal.’

Bowditch’s explanation and her lack of other criminal histories prompted the judge to set her free – citing her public humiliation as punishment enough. The woman could have spent up to two years in jail if she had been found guilty and sentenced.

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Husband ousts wife for having sex with the family dog

A domestic violence call at a home in Tempe, Arizona, ended with a bizarre revelation from a husband about his wife. According to Tuesday’s ABC 15 News, officers with the Tempe Police Department responded to a domestic disturbance call at a home near Baseline and Price Roads in late February.

At the home, the husband of 32-year-old 32-year-old Amanda Leigh McClammy revealed a cell phone video which allegedly showed his wife having sex with their black Labrador retriever. The officers who reviewed the video footage stated that “Amanda is clearly seen committing the act of bestiality.”

McClammy apparently recorded the damning video in October and sent it to her husband, who was out of town, via text. McClammy was arrested at work on March 7 – she has allegedly admitted that she did engage in a sexual act with the family dog.

(Booking photo)

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Man accused of lewd acts with a dog has surrendered

A 61-year-old landscaper who is accused of being caught engaging in a “lewd” act with a Gwinnett County, Georgia, family’s dog, has surrendered. According to PIX 11 News, the accused man, identified as Cruz Barrera-Lugo (of note, the authorities initially identified the man as Cruz Barreralugo) turned himself in to the authorities on Monday.

Barrera-Lugo allegedly was caught in the midst of a sexual assault on a Lawrenceville family’s dog on Saturday evening – the accused man fled the scene after a witness spotted him. The local authorities were able to review surveillance footage and issue a warrant for the man’s arrest.

According to the Gwinnett Police Department, Barrera-Lugo is being held without bond – he is facing charges of bestiality and cruelty to children (a child witnessed the man’s alleged lewd assault on the dog).

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(Photo via Gwinnett Police Department)

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Landscaper wanted for lewd act with a dog

Police in Gwinnett County, Georgia, are searching for a 61-year-old landscaper who is accused of engaging in a “lewd act” with a dog. According to Fox 5 Atlanta, the accused man, identified as Cruz Barreralugo, was allegedly caught assaulting a family’s dog in Lawrenceville on Saturday night.

Barreralugo fled the scene after the witness spotted him assaulting the family’s dog. The authorities were contacted and were able to review surveillance footage which showed the alleged incident.

The authorities are now searching for the accused man, who is facing charges for bestiality and cruelty to children (The cruelty to children charge resulted from a child who observed the alleged sexual act). Anyone with information about Barreralugo’s whereabouts is asked to reach out to Gwinnett County detectives at 770-513-5300 or Crime Stoppers at 404-577-8477 – there is a reward offered for tips which lead to the accused man’s arrest.

(Image via Fox 5 Atlanta)



Arrested: Man accused of sexually abusing family dog for years

A man from Pensacola faces charges of bestiality after a member of the family reported ongoing abuse to the family dog. On Monday, Bradley Jean Hubbard, 23,  was arrested and charged with sexually abusing a bull dog mix named “Baby Girl.” According to the News Journal, Hubbard has resided with his father and his father’s girlfriend for the last three years.

A family member reported the disturbing situation after telling authorities she had witnessed the suspect take the dog into his room. The woman told police the assaults had been happening for years and had gone on more than 100 times. She stated she had witnessed the attacks through a hole in the man’s bedroom door as the result of a past violent outburst.

The woman described the dog whimpering in pain, and that the frequency of the sexual assaults had recently increased prompting the woman to notify police fearing the dog’s safety. When ever anyone would ask about the dog’s physical symptoms, Hubbard told them “Baby Girl” was in heat. She said she finally had enough, when on December 28, Hubbard allegedly came into her bedroom, grabbed the dog and took her into his bedroom after which she heard the dog crying out in pain and said she couldn’t take it any longer.

Baby Girl has since been removed from the home, and a veterinarian examination shows her genitalia abused consistent with rape. The report states the dog is very aggressive and only loyal to one person at a time. Can anyone blame her? In 2011, Florida passed a bestiality law. Read more here.

Hubbard remains at the Escambia County Jail in lieu of $15,000 bond. He faces charges of engaging in sexual conduct with an animal and causing pain and suffering.

(Photo of Hubbard charged with sexually abusing dog via Escambia County Jail)

Three Stockton dogs believed rented for sex

In a disturbing case of animal abuse, a Stockton, California rescue organization alleges three dogs were being sexually abused. According to Second Chance Kitty, a non-profit animal rescue, a Good Samaritan had notified authorities that dogs were being rented for sex in a South Stockton neighborhood. A Facebook post from the organization on Tuesday afternoon stated veterinarians confirmed that two of the dogs were sexually violated and had severe internal damage. The third dog had scratches and bruises on her inner thighs.

“Their vaginal areas are swollen and there’s been severe trauma,” said Regina Sanchez, a volunteer with Second Chance Kitty.

Channel 2WgrzNews interviewed witness,  Lizet Avila, who lives in the neighborhood near East Charter Way. Avila confronted the owner of the dogs after she found one of the dogs stumbling as she walked – as if the dog had been drugged.

Emma, a brown terrier and Ava, a pit bull were both sexually abused. Lobo, the white husky has bruises, and all of the dogs are being treated at the Venetian Pet Hospital. Ava is pregnant with ten puppies; it is hoped she and the pups can be saved. The latest update on Ava’s condition stated:

“The puppies survival rate is low if they are born now, our veterinarian says. Due to the trauma she’s endured, she must have a cesarean section at the time of delivery. Ava has suffered unimaginable acts of cruelty and deserves the gift of motherhood. She has dropped tonight and the doctor is checking in routinely throughout the night…”

Medical examination indicated Emma had cervical and uterine tears consistent with introduction and force of a foreign object. The dog suffers from peritonitis. Further rectal examination revealed irritation caused by entry and friction of an unknown origin. Emma was spayed on Tuesday.

Stockton Animal Services Division states they are in the very early stages of their investigation and can’t confirm details. No one has been charged; the owner of the dogs denies all allegations.

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(Photos of  rented for sex via Second Chance Kitty Facebook_


Sicko woman who had sex with her dog avoids prison

A 27-year-old Australian sicko woman, who admitted to having had sex with her dog, apologized to Judge Terry Martin in the Brisbane District Court on Friday stating she regretted what she had done.  Jenna Louise Driscoll was sentenced to two-and-a-half years of probation after pleading guilty to three counts of bestiality, drug trafficking, stabbing another woman with a fork and biting a child twice.

The case details emerged in October 2014 as Driscoll was being investigated for drugs. Authorities found a disturbing video of  Driscoll engaged in sexual acts with a pit bull on her cell phone. According to the Daily Mail, Driscoll told authorities she had performed the sick acts to capture her older boyfriend’s attention. Judge Martin responded:

“Your conduct in the bestiality offences was repugnant,” Judge Terry Martin said. “You were clearly a willing participant in acts of sexual intercourse with the dog.”

When Driscoll’s lawyer asked for leniency because of Driscoll’s complaint of having been publicly shamed, the judge wasn’t interested in hearing about it stating the adverse publicity was a direct consequence of her unlawful conduct.

In addition to probation, Driscoll must undergo psychological and psychiatric treatment and cannot leave the state without permission. Had she been given the maximum sentence, she could have spent the next two-and-a-half years in prison.

(Photo via The Sun screenshot)

It is not clear if the dog has been removed from Driscoll’s home.




Hyderabad man found having sex with pregnant dog arrested

In India, a 22-year-old Hyderabad man was arrested on Monday for allegedly having sexual intercourse with a dog who was found dead. According to NdTV News,  police are investigating whether the man strangled the dog or if the dog died while the man sexually assaulted the animal.

The suspect, Aslam Khan, moved from Delhi over the weekend to find work and was spotted in the bushes with a stray dog fed and cared for by different families in the neighborhood. According to one family, as reported by the Mailardevpally Police Department, Mohammed Jahangir had been caring for the dog when he heard the dog whining outdoors. When the son went out to check on the dog, Khan was seen violating the dog who had already died. Local residents thrashed Khan, and then turned him over to authorities.

Animal advocated NG Jayasimha insists that the government get serious  about enforcing these heinous acts of animal cruelty in India that have continued to make news across the world.

“These incidents expose the violent nature of human beings and it’s high time we arrest such actions. Such perpetrators must be brought to book so we can set precedence for future wrong doers, ” Jayasimha stated.

Khan has been charged under Section 429 (mischief by killing or maiming cattle), 377 (committing unnatural offense) and 11 for cruelty against animals.

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