Arrested: Man accused of sexually abusing family dog for years

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A man from Pensacola faces charges of bestiality after a member of the family reported ongoing abuse to the family dog. On Monday, Bradley Jean Hubbard, 23,  was arrested and charged with sexually abusing a bull dog mix named “Baby Girl.” According to the News Journal, Hubbard has resided with his father and his father’s girlfriend for the last three years.

A family member reported the disturbing situation after telling authorities she had witnessed the suspect take the dog into his room. The woman told police the assaults had been happening for years and had gone on more than 100 times. She stated she had witnessed the attacks through a hole in the man’s bedroom door as the result of a past violent outburst.

The woman described the dog whimpering in pain, and that the frequency of the sexual assaults had recently increased prompting the woman to notify police fearing the dog’s safety. When ever anyone would ask about the dog’s physical symptoms, Hubbard told them “Baby Girl” was in heat. She said she finally had enough, when on December 28, Hubbard allegedly came into her bedroom, grabbed the dog and took her into his bedroom after which she heard the dog crying out in pain and said she couldn’t take it any longer.

Baby Girl has since been removed from the home, and a veterinarian examination shows her genitalia abused consistent with rape. The report states the dog is very aggressive and only loyal to one person at a time. Can anyone blame her? In 2011, Florida passed a bestiality law. Read more here.

Hubbard remains at the Escambia County Jail in lieu of $15,000 bond. He faces charges of engaging in sexual conduct with an animal and causing pain and suffering.

(Photo of Hubbard charged with sexually abusing dog via Escambia County Jail)

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  1. Sheri says:

    Poor poor Baby Girl. Why didn’t that woman say something sooner? I just hope someday she learns to trust again and finds a loving home. As for the POS who did this to her, he needs to castrated. He is one sick sub human

    • linda says:

      IKR. It would have taken me just one time for me to call the authorities. Unbelievable that she allowed this to happen for years.

      • Marian B. Cinq-Mars says:

        No kidding, is that woman crazy or something?? Allowing that poor dog to continuously be abused and raped over and over?? Wow wonder if she would have waited that long to report him if he had been raping her instead??? POS woman!!

    • Patricia says:

      Someone should rape his ugly ass making feel pain like he did to the dog. Let me tell you I better never meet this sick bastard he will be begging for forgiveness after I get through with his fucking ass!!!!

    • mary hodges says:

      I totally agree he needs to be castrated and left in prison to rot.I read that Baby Girl may not be able to be rehabilitated because she showed loyalty to one person at a time and aggression towards other people.So the people working with her at the time I read that, may have found her a home. I haven’t heard anything about her having to be put down. I don’t know how to get an update on her,I’ll have to try to find out who has her.God Bless her!!!!!!

    • Shelly Renee Berchem says:

      I agree 100% but this PERVERTED BASTARD would probably love it! Better yet, I hope he gets killed in jail. That way he will NEVER HARM AN INNOCENT PRECIOUS LIFE AGAIN! Pets are family! And if this low life piece of shit got a chance he would rape a child male or female. If he can do this to a pet. He is a sick SOB and he has NO BOUNDARIES!!!

  2. angelina ricketts says:

    Why didn’t she do anything 3yrs ago. What a ugly retard looking monster. Did that to my little girl he wouldn’t want to touch no dog again when I finnish with him x

    • Shelly Renee Berchem says:

      I agree 100% if the ELECTED Prosecutor lets this PERVERTED BASTARD OFF. I be damn if I would vote that prosecutor into office again! Citizens NEED to make sure these Prosecutors and Judges are doing their jobs or through tyem out of office. If this Perverted Freak got a chance he will rape a child next!

  3. Audra Lacey-Ehrlich says:

    I just want to pull your dick off and shove it down your throat and take a broom stick and shove it up your ass and choke you to death with my bare hands and stick my fingers in your eyes and gouge them out and set you on fire but not before I rip all your teeth out with a pliers and beat you with a tire iron ass hole scum lucky your in jail I’d come for your ass literally

      • Anita Santiago says:

        Hey Audra, my names Anita. I’m right there with you. I’m sick to death of hearing about ALL animal abuse but this bestiality shit goes beyond the pale. I never want to go to jail BUT I will do a lot of time in jail for just 10 minutes with this sorry excuse for a (hu)man. I’d also like a few more minutes with this stupid POS chick that FINALLY turned him in!!!????????????????. I’m not sorry for thinking and feeling this way-I’m already going to hell- might as well have gasoline underwear on when I do. This just turns my stomach so much I can’t express it without ALOT OF CUSSING AND SCREAMING. Violence USUALLY only begets more violence, but in this case, I say BRING IT ON!!!!

      • TR says:

        God will take care of this scum. Audra, I understand your anger towards his actions, but I don’t understand how you could justify your hateful actions. God will punish, its not our place to do the things you speak of and think they would be ok to do to someone else. His punishment will come, in due time.

    • Shelly Renee Berchem says:

      Wow, I need you on my team! If their were not laws in place you can bet these child molesters/animal molesters/killers would be under my Volvo station wagon… I would love to see these PERVERTED BASTARDS SIX FEET UNDER! We would have a safer, more Humane Loving world of Humans! The internet allows All of us to see just how “F” uped OUR WORLD is! Makes you wonder what is going unreported since it TOOK 3 YEARS to report this EVIL MONSTER! What scares me is what WE do not know. They say knowledge is Power. But, I think the more I know the less empowered I feel.

    • Beth(SunWolf) C. says:

      Can I be first in line after you, we have 3 years if not more to make ‘IT’ feel what it is like to be voicless and be violated! I’m sure there would be an endless line of us for ????Babygirl????

  4. Regina Bonds says:

    Unbelievable! What in the HELL is wrong with people? There are woman out there that would give it away and yet you choose to inflict pain upon this poor dog! Fact: this action is on the list for future rapes! It starts with animals then moves to humans. Not an adult, no, next is children. (Those who cannot defend themselves) You are a sick individual. God have mercy on your stupid soul! No patience for scum like you!

  5. maxiemom says:

    Good God, why didn’t she say something sooner? How could she stand by and watch that poor dog get raped for years? This is disgusting! I hope that SOB gets what’s coming to him SOON. Hopefully Baby Girl can learn to trust again, although it won’t be easy.

  6. Heather Lancaster Finley says:

    WTF IS WRONG WITH PPL??? And seriously WHY DIDNT SHE SAY SOMETHING SOONER?? This is why there should be an aiding and abetting with this type of sick shit!! that poor poor baby.. what a sick monster.. karma is a bitch and he will get his one day i just wish i could be a fly on the wall when he does!!!

  7. DJ says:

    That sick SOB and that stupid, also sick, woman. They both should be anally raped and then hung up by their fingernails to be eaten by buzzards. If I knew this happened ONCE, that asshole would be one sorry mofo.

  8. Me' says:

    Everyone in the family that knew what was going on and did nothing should be charged
    He should be hung by his feet, beat until dead

  9. Theresa says:

    I like to get my hands on him and cut his fucking dick off and shove it down his throat so he chokes to death fucking fat pig

  10. rhondaredmond says:

    What if they put her down because she is aggressive? That would be so unfair because this could have caused it! What is this world coming to? He is pure Satan and this woman should be charged for not reporting it sooner.

  11. Kelley says:

    I am so mad right now!!! this is why I hardly go on Facebook anymore.How could this woman let this go on over 100 times??? WTF is wrong with this family? she finally had enough? what about the first time? how could she stay with the father? how could she not tell? I wouldn’t care what happens to me no way would I let anyone do this the first time! I guess everyone should be grateful she “finally had enough” or it would still go on and that’s terrifying.The sad thing is this man will never stop all long as he’s alive he will seek out dogs or other animals to rape and abuse.I cannot believe we have to share the earth with people like this people walking around who should be dead.That poor poor dog.

  12. Marjan says:

    They should get the woman too. She let the dog go through that 100 times??? Once is enough to report something like that. If I was in that house that house, I would break his neck myself.

  13. Jane Connor says:

    Huge correleation between animal abuse and human abuse/violence. Baby Girl may not be the only victim of his violence in some way….may not be sexual violence on a human but could be verbal, physical, or psychological. May not be recent either. I hope research is wrong in this case and that someone is helping that poor pup.

  14. Robin says:

    Sick bastard . I hope they rape his ass in jail . The woman should be charged. She sorry also for letting that happen over and over . If I would have been there that sorry piece of shit would have payed for doing that .He needs his dick cut off .

  15. z71ranger says:

    This damn woman that reported this should be charged also for not coming forward sooner with this sick info… This is just wrong on all parts… Lock them all up… NOW

  16. Sandra Davis says:

    This demon processed wicked sick thing, should be ashamed but i’m sure that he don’t have any. How can he when he is twisted and perverted.That woman should have come forward in the very beginning, so as to put a stop to the pain and misery that was being inflicted upon that poor defenseless dog. hubbard, hubbard you don’t deserve to walk on the face of the earth with true human beings.

  17. Sherry says:

    Clearly, this man is a sick f*** and needs to be permanently jailed and castrated. The thing that gets me, is this nutbag of a woman that allowed this to go on more than ONCE. Is she out of her ever loving mind? There should be punishment for her not coming forward sooner; there should definitely be legal action against her as well because she didn’t just suspect abuse ; she was certain of this horrific beastiality. She allowed this to go on and let this dog suffer tremendously; she has some liability here as well. Both people sick if you ask me. Prayers for baby girl to recover and find a nice, normal home that she deserves.

  18. Joanne Dresslar ;;; says:

    This is the SICKEST❌MOST EVIL❌MOST TWISTED ❌ thing I have ever heard.????????????❌❌❌ He needs to be tortured,❌ mutilated,❌ sent to the desert or the arctic without clothes, shoes, food, or water.❌
    Let d❤g l❤vers at him. Hopefully, d❤g l❤vers will get to him ASAP.???? He is on the FAST TRACK TO HELL.❌HOW COULD ANYONE KNOW ABOUT THIS AND NOT INTERVENE? ❌ONCE IS ENOUGH TO STOP HIM. She is sick❌, evil❌, and twisted❌, too. She is also on the FAST TRACK TO HELL.❌They are both sub-human.????????????
    I hope and pray that Baby Girl ❤will heal, emotionally❤ as well as physically. ❤ I hope people will help her to avoid euthanasia.????
    I cried when I read this. I just can’t understand those f******a******* I want to vomit, preferably on the abusers. And SUCH A LOW BOND? ❌ THE JUDGE IS ALSO ON THE FAST TRACK TO HELL. ????????????❌❌❌
    OK. BLESSINGS LOVE KISSES to Baby Girl and to her tescuers and caretakers.????????????XXXXX

    • margaret lockwood says:

      I hope hell has a room waiting for this sick POS. In the meantime please put in prison so he can become the victim….its his turn now.

  19. K says:

    Im not believing this FAT THUG Bradley Hubbard in pensacola is actually getting his dog bk..after all the evidence of bn raped!!! What does this poor “Baby Girl” have to do 2 b heard…Evidence spoke 4 itself..what did they think the dog sat on a corkscrew or something 2 injure herself? What a PATHETIC JUDGE N JURRORS 4 LETTING THIS PIECE OF CRAP GET AWAY WITH THIS..only 2 b returned 2 the same pain n torment!!!!UN FREAKN BELIEVABLE!! BRADLEY N HIS FAMILY R DEMONIZED “THINGS” FULL OF PURE EVIL!! ESPECIALLY HIS FAMILY 4 ALLOWING THIS 2 GO ON CONTINUOUS LY TO AN INNOCENT ANIMAL

  20. K says:

    Can we all do something sign a petition or anything 2 save this poor defenseless dog “Baby Girl” from her FAT SICK owner BRADLEY HUBBARD from continuing 2 hurt her? BCUZ HE WILL!! ABSOLUTELY NEEDLESS SUFFERING FOR THIS POOR BABY!!

  21. K says:



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