Man accused of lewd acts with a dog has surrendered

Landscaper accused of lewd act with a dog
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A 61-year-old landscaper who is accused of being caught engaging in a “lewd” act with a Gwinnett County, Georgia, family’s dog, has surrendered. According to PIX 11 News, the accused man, identified as Cruz Barrera-Lugo (of note, the authorities initially identified the man as Cruz Barreralugo) turned himself in to the authorities on Monday.

Barrera-Lugo allegedly was caught in the midst of a sexual assault on a Lawrenceville family’s dog on Saturday evening – the accused man fled the scene after a witness spotted him. The local authorities were able to review surveillance footage and issue a warrant for the man’s arrest.

According to the Gwinnett Police Department, Barrera-Lugo is being held without bond – he is facing charges of bestiality and cruelty to children (a child witnessed the man’s alleged lewd assault on the dog).

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(Photo via Gwinnett Police Department)

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    • Sorry this is where this person needs to be exported to where out was he came from, after he serves his jail sentence and pays his fine.TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE and should be petitioned to the residing judge so that he gets what is duly coming to him, how would be like being raped in jail?


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