Hunter faces felony animal cruelty in deaths of 2 dogs

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In Belmont County, Ohio, a hunter who shot and killed a man’s beloved two dogs is facing felony animal cruelty charges of prohibitions concerning companion animals. According to WtovNews, on Wednesday, charges will be filed against Mike Chedester, 59, of St. Clairsville, at which time he will be required to appear in court.belmont-man-to-face-charges

Pete Byers, the owner of the two dogs named Bella and Emmy was just about to leave for work when the dogs disappeared. Tragically it was the opening day of gun season, and Byers was terrified that something could have happened to the dogs. After an hours-long search of yelling the dogs’ names and with friends using their four-wheelers to  aid in the search, one of the men reported hearing gun shots and a dog yelping.  Byers followed the trail and came up to Chedester and his tree stand.

And there he found five-year-old Emmy, a Weimaraner and six-year-old Bella, a Doberman. Both dogs were dead as their lifeless bodies laid in the brush; their bloodied paws sticking up out of the weeds. Byers called the Belmont County Sheriff’s Department.

The charges stem from the  Goddard’s Law, which became effective in Ohio on September 13. The law makes it a fifth degree felony to knowingly cause serious physical harm to a companion animal. If convicted, Chedester could be sentenced to the maximum of 12 months on each count or 24 months consecutively.

Meanwhile, Byers is left dealing with the grief of his two loyal and loving companions. Rest in peace Emmy and Bella.

Read the previous story here.

(Photos of felony animal cruelty Pete Byers’ dogs Facebook)

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  1. I’m so sorry human cruelty is such a tough pill to swallow God bless you??? you’re furry friends are so happy in Heaven! It’s said they run free all day and will rest at your feet at night❤️️This evil man already dug his own grave?

  2. That GD piece of human excrement deserves the MAXIMUM amount of time in jail for BOTH dogs, and not one day less!!! What he did was cruel, vicious, and totally inhumane. It proves that he has no conscience, and he did it when the dogs’ human was calling them and they were apparently answering the call. I hope the scumbag rots in Hell.

  3. 24 months isn’t enough of a punishment for this crime. He should get life because he committed murder. When will animals get true justice for the wicked evilness that they constantly endure.

  4. And in the previous story, Chedester said, “I hate Pit Bulls”. These dogs were a Dobie and a Weimaraner! i hope they throw the book at him! A$$HOLE! RIP Emmy and Bella. You DID NOT DESERVE THIS! ? ?

  5. I hope they throw the book at this moron, 12 months for each dog isn’t nearly enough justice for Pete Byers and his dogs Emmy and Bella! I can’t fathom why Mike Chedester felt the need to kill these two dogs, but I hope he is made to pay dearly!

  6. Emmy and Bella were running back to their human when he decided to murder them. That POS coward was sitting in one of those hunting stands where he can shoot at anything that moves from above: he could CLEARLY see they were dogs and that they were running to their human. He removed their collars as trophies. This is an unrepentant sack of s**t who kept the collars as TROPHIES! How many other family pets has he killed that we don’t know about, or who names are known but didn’t get this kind of notoriety? Please, please, PLEASE, do a ‘most dangerous game’ scenario on him, only from his own damned stand or a series of several like it!

  7. Please put this m an away for more than 24 months those could have been kids you see cowards hurt abuse & kill animals and they don’t stop there ..PLEASE PUT HIM AWAY LONGER THAN 24 MONTHS … ALSO PUT HIM IN A CELL WITH AN ANIMAL LOVER

  8. 24 months isnt enough time those could have been kids you see when you abuse kill animals you don’t stop there this guy is obviously a COWARD he needs to be incarcerated more than two years. Those dogs lives mattered
    Also please put him on a cell with an animal lover

  9. He should be band from owning a firearm of any kind.These dogs were not pitbulls.The laws in this country concerning dogs are so outdated and really haven’t been changed in years, a least most of them haven’t.He will continue to harm dogs if given the chance.I would file a civil law suit.In my state dogs are considered personal property.This needs to change.This man is evil. I hope he gets the harsh punishment possible.To the owner of these beautiful dogs I am crushed with the loss of you babies.

  10. He has also been fired from his job at the department of forestry….go on his fb page, he’s a pos. He has been arraigned. .no plea bargain either…

  11. He is an absolutely disgusting human being who honestly deserves more penalties than what the law will ever give him! They should take away his rights to ever own animals or have any contact with them as he has no regard for lives and the people that love these pets! He also should lose his right to bear arms as he honestly does understand what hunting is alll about and that is a dangerous combination.

  12. Unfortunately their are too many bastards with guns on hunting season shooting at anything moving, even worse trespassing or worse, poaching. I have over the years ran into a few trespassers, needless to say they understood in not a nice way, to never come again. I truly feel bad, for the owner of these two beautiful girls. During the season, I watch my babies carefully, even though I have No trespassing or hunting posted thru out my property, there are always pos doing the opposite so I walk them and pack. I dare some bastard to take a shot, the hunter will be hunted. This story makes me livid, If it had been me, I know I would loose it, if i came upon my dead dogs and that gloating poor excuse for a human species responsible, I would not even waste my time calling the authorities, the bastard, would of been dropped where he stood for the animal he is.

  13. Tougher laws, more jail time and higher fines. This is not enough for taking these precious dogs from their families. Laws need to be updated because abuse and cruelty has gotten so out of hand.


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