Shocking: Dog buried alive with nail through his head

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Walkers in Kirkleatham Woods in Redcar, Cleveland, North Yorkshire heard the whimpering sounds of a dog buried alive coming from a heap of dirt on Wednesday. According to the Express, as the couple cleared the soil away, they were shocked to find a fluffy white dog still alive. dog-nailed-in-head

The couple  immediately called police  and rushed the frightened dog to the vet, but because of the pup’s horrendous injuries, nothing could be done to save the seven-year-old West Highland terrier’s life. The shocking x-ray revealed someone had hammered a nail through the dog’s head between his eyes . According to the Gazette, the walkers had been in the area with their three dogs when they heard the slight whimpering sounds. A workman nearby brought over a shovel and  when he slowly pushed the earth apart, he saw fur and a black nose and pulled the dog buried alive out of the muddy pit.

“In all my ten years working for the RSPCA, I have never known anything so horrifying and inexplicably cruel. This is clearly a very deliberate act of cruelty and it’s inconceivable to think why somebody has done it to this poor little dog,” stated RSPCA Inspector Nick Jones.

It is suspected more than one person was involved in the attack. Someone must recognize this little dog. Help him find justice and arrest the horrible people who caused such immense  suffering to this dog. Rest in peace little one.

Anyone with information is asked to call the RSPCA at 0300 123 8018.

Photos screenshot via RSPCA

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  1. Shelly R Berchem (Pinks) says:

    SICK, INHUMANE, BARBARIC MONSTERS NEED TO BE SHOT BETWEEN THE EYES, NEVER TO WALK THIS EARTH AGAIN! Where is there sward to catch these LOW LIFE PIECES OF SHIT! Im in Indiana right next door to Ohio, and I myself would love to find these evil bastards and get my hands on them. If their were workers near by could one of them have done this? Lets share this everywhere and find out who the hell did this. It says in the article a worker nearby had a shovel. Was their construction going on in that area, and now this stray pet died at the hands of some evil low life bastard. Can you imagine the suffering this poor senior soul suffered and ho long this pet endured a nail that long hammered through its head. Im outraged over this and their needs to be JUSTICE FOR GODS CREATION!

  2. maxiemom says:

    I want to KILL the person responsible for this. I had a Westie years ago, and I still miss him. Anyone who could do this to any dog, much less a dog with the kind of personality these wonderful little dogs have, does not deserve to breathe nor die easily. Give me 5 minutes with that scum- just 5.

  3. True Grit says:

    I s there no end to the evil in this world? Humans have fouled up this earth. They believe they can visit atrocities on helpless, innocent beings such as these with impunity. Please find these monstrous cowardly cunts and bring them to justice – use a nail gun on them.

  4. Space says:

    The sooner I get off this sick disgusting evil planet…the better. I can only hope these vile scum reap their most hideous of ends and become limbo’d in sheer hell where every moment inflicts the most unbearable pain, agony and unspeakable fear. Just like they did this poor beautiful innocent soul.

    • lilsdad73 says:

      Perfectly said! My guess is that something akin to what you said will happen when they themselves die…that they’ll feel the pain this poor beautiful soul went through.

  5. Natlie says:

    I think those 2 Men do should have that done too them. But the Judge will let them off as us real. But not God Jeovah will take care of them. For the sweet little Dog who never made it he’s in God’s membery.


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