Slated to die on euth’ list NYC, rescue steps in at last moment

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She’s a shy girl who lost most of her coat  from mange and neglect. In a busy, open admissions shelter in San Antonio, Texas, what were “Donna’s” chances of being adopted? After all, how many families want  a three-year-old, 23-pound dog whose “cuteness” factor fell well below the rows  of other fluffy, healthy pups happily wagging their tails? Instead she was slated to die on the euthanasia list; an overcrowded  shelter, little funds and too many dogs.dottie-rdr-4

This dog was lucky. As animal advocates used social media to share Donna’s plight as she was slated to die and her final hours grew closer, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped  up to help. Too scared to stand or walk, rescuers wrapped her in a blanket and carried her to safety. With a new name to celebrate her new life, “Dottie” has been rescued.dottie-rdr-3

“Clearly Dottie‘s life has been pretty crummy up until now and that breaks our hearts. No living being should be so neglected, so frightened. Being in the shelter probably saved her life,” stated Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

“Dottie is at our TX vet partner receiving much needed vet care. We are waiting on test results.”

If only every shelter dog could be this lucky. To help with Dottie’s recovery, please click here or Paypal: Checks can  be sent to RDR
PO Box 101, NY, NY 10028.dottie-rdr

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(Photos: Slated  to die via Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)


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