Kittens legs bound with rubber bands: Used as ‘bait’ for dog fighting

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The sight of two tiny kittens with their legs bound by rubber bands brought everyone at the Pet Food Express store in Benicia, California to tears. They were defenseless little ones used as “bait” for dog fighting. According to AbcNews, the babies’ legs were tied so as not to injure the dogs as they practiced fighting. The kittens had no way to protect themselves; they couldn’t run, they couldn’t fight back, and they couldn’t bite. will-and-grace-kittens-2

The six-week-old kittens dubbed Will and Grace were barely alive when they were dropped off by an unknown woman. Tragically, Grace had to be humanely euthanized after suffering from severe gangrene. Pet owners are being warned not to give up their pets to unknown people – Will and Grace are the tragic victims of unforgivable abuse and torture.will-and-grace-kittens-3
The Solano County Animal Control Division is currently investigating the case and are looking for the woman who dropped off the kittens. “I’ve been in it for years and have never have seen anything like this,” stated Ruby Waderich with the rescue group Solano County Friends of Animals. Authorities want to uncover any illegal dog fighting rings in the area. Anyone with information about this case or any case of animal cruelty is asked to call Solano County Animal Control at 707-784-4735.
Will is currently being fostered, but has a long road to recovery. A GoFundMe page to help with Will’s veterinary expenses can be found here.will-and-grace-kittens-4
Get well soon Will. No one will ever hurt you again.

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  1. I think personally I love dog fighting but not with each other please tell me if you agree I would think we would take the scumbag that hurt those poor kittensnd put them in the yard with pitbulls that haven’t fedd in a week then we get an audience serve popcorn and soda pop and of course we have to cheer on the pit bulls

  2. OH MY GOD … WTF is wrong with the world ?? !!! God help us … Who are these people???!!! Will they follow the person that turned the kittens in ?? Where did she find / get them??? I am ashamed to be a human right now … my heart breaks …. oh …..

  3. This has me in tears – and pissed royally! I found a tiny feral kitten back in July – just two weeks old and I bottle fed her and now she’s almost four months old and going for her spay on Monday. She’s the sweetest little tabby, and the photos of these kittens are much like her. If I could just have five minutes with the monster(s) who did this. I fear for other animals, including the dogs used for fighting. Dog fighters are the biggest cowards in the world. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t make dogs do their fighting for them. Put these human animals in an arena and let THEM fight to the death. It would get them off the street without filling the prisons. They need to note that the HSUS also has a $5000 reward to anyone who reports dog fighting (as long as the report is legit and the monsters are caught). RIP, sweet Grace. Praying for Will. Also praying authorities catch the one(s) who did this. There’s a nice prison cell waiting for the now, and a special place in hell for later.

  4. WHY IS IT the LOCAL Law enforcement , Judicial system, Legislative Officials, OVERLOOK the Dog Fighting Rings, mutilation , horrific injuries & deaths happening in these back water counties, large cities , getto areas, , Are they indicating no man power, no interest, OR is there a financial interest for the Higher UPs at STAKE HERE… This reminds me of my grandpa talking of the “moonshine” that was sold by undercover agents during the 1920’s that had been confiscated from the Still owners and runners!!! ARE WE THE PEOPLE SERIOUSLY MISSING SOMETHING HERE!!!!!!

  5. I would like to tie there legs up and hands. Put them in a pen with hungry Tigers and lions and rub blood on them. Tear them apart. Son of bitches.

  6. Dog fighting has got to stop! Not just for the dogs made to fight but for the poor defenseless pets that are used as bait!! Any person that could condon this type of behavior deserves a swift quick action by karma right in their heads!!


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