Former police chief charged with starving his German shepherds

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In Miami Gardens, the former police chief of Opa-locka has been charged with two felony accounts of animal cruelty. According to the Miami Herald, Ronald Wilson, 65, who had been fired from his position 14 years ago, pleaded not guilty of starving and neglecting his two German shepherds named Lady and Thug late last week. ronald-wilson

The two dogs were found in the yard of Wilson’s home. Both were severely emaciated with their skin cracked, bleeding, eyes infected and oozing, and most of their teeth missing. The dogs were seized by Animal Control while Wilson had been out of town on a cruise. When a county investigator interviewed Wilson upon his return and asked him when the dogs were last examined by a veterinarian, Wilson could not remember.thug-the-german-shepher

“Mr. Wilson had no explanation why the two dogs were in horrible physical condition,” wrote Animal Services Officer Lisa Yambrich.

An examination of the dogs by a county veterinarian determined the dogs “have been deprived of necessary nutrition, hydration, medical evaluation and treatment.” Neither Lady nor Thug had any “discernible body fat” and were missing their incisors. The rest of their teeth had been fractured with the roots painfully exposed.

The dogs have been slowly recovering at Dizzy’s Second Chance Animal Rescue. Lady has since gained weight, has had multiple surgeries, but requires more dental surgery estimated to be nearly $4,000. Thug was found to have had two bullets lodged in his body as well as several broken bones. A short video of Thug lying at the veterinarian’s office crying is heartbreaking. Click here to view the short video.

Wilson’s defense lawyer, Sky Smith contends his client is a “really nice honorable” guy who feels “tremendous guilty over what he’s charged.” Perhaps he should ask the dogs how they feel?

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(Photos police chief charged via screenshot Miami Herald)

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  1. Fucking SCUMBAG piece of shit – I would LOVE to put a bullet right between your eyes!!! Only after your beaten with a bat so severly that all you could do is moan in pain like the poor sweet dogs you torchered. If their is a god – I pray that you contract the most painful, incurable, flesh eating disease know to mankind & before your demise you die alone with only the evil memories of the of the sadistic life you lived … I truly HATE you with everything I am!!! You are beyond a coward & you MUST pay for your actions – Karma’s a bitch & hopefully – You will meet her soon….???

  2. Hah , a Lawyer with the name of Sky Smith. Sounds like a Quack already. Your Dumb A$$ would believe that your client is a nice guy. Your client getting fired from his job as a Police Chief 14 yrs prior should have told you right b off that he was irresponsible. Please hit him with the hardest punishment allowed for these offenses. Poor German Shepard ‘ s probably served him faithfully just to be treated like that. Considering his former position they will probably lock him up in a Country Club Jail so he can play golf and give him a key so he can come and go as he pleases. Sorry SOB.

  3. Well, boo-hoo-hoo….he’s a nice guy and he feels guilty. That’s a bunch of BS lawyer talk and nothing else. I hope these dogs can make a full recovery.

  4. “Wilson’s defense lawyer, Sky Smith contends his client is a “really nice honorable” guy who feels “tremendous guilty over what he’s charged.” ”

    Right. HONORABLE people DO NOT name their dogs ‘Thug’.. This former police chief is nothing but a low life common piece of trash himself, AKA a thug.

    He took a cruise and treated his dogs like this….. THIS is not a man who has no funds, resources, nor lacks the ability to care for his dogs: he simply doesn’t give a damn.

    He needs to be locked away and starved, given no medical care: in fact, he needs to be locked in a cage and simply forgotten about.

  5. Hi gang another black trash piece of s*** this time with law enforcement ability two bullets in his dog here’s an idea let’s see if anybody agrees let’s put to f****** bullets in his brain and his lawyer and why was he fired

  6. What a complete jerk. There are strong rescues in his area that would have helped him, and due to his former job, he knows who they are.

  7. Wilson is a SICK THUG !!! They need to THROW the book at him !! I pray both dogs make a full recovery. After Wilson gets out of prison, and pays restitution he should NEVER be allowed to own pets again !!!

  8. Another human waste! Being a cop ,he should be taken out of commission,thrown in prison and forgotten as well,he is a human dirt bag! There is no excuse for any human to allow such horrible conditions…NONE! Don’t want his kind on the streets ever,get rid of all these human abusers/scum bags!

  9. “Really nice honorable guys” don’t treat their dogs like this. Of course he is “tremendous guilty over what he’s charged.”, he got caught! His attorney is as bad as he is spinning this to make him sound like he actually cared. His compassion for life is most likely why he was fired 14 years ago! They need to make him pay for Lady and Thug’s medical care. Dizzy’s Second Chance Animal Rescue shouldn’t have to foot the bill for their lack of care by this moron! I hope they do SOMETHING with this POS!

  10. Do lawyers have any respect for their profession? Sky Smith needs to revise his oratory skills and find the common sense he lost: a person who acts like a scoundrel is NOT “a really nice honorable” guy. Did he even once look at the photo of the two German shepherds with no hair, no teeth, blood oozing from their eyes? Did he familiarize himself with the vet’s medical statement ? Shame on the defense lawyer doing such a lousy job, and more shame on this 65 ex-police chief, Ronald Wilson.
    You both disgraced your profession and your human decency.

  11. This piece of crap should be locked up for a very long time and he should feel guilty for the rest of his miserable life. He should also feel the fear and pain his poor dog went through! Low est of scum !!!

  12. I just watched the video and it made me sick to my stomach !!! Wilson’s defense lawyer, Sky Smith contends his client is a “really nice honorable” guy who feels “tremendous guilty over what he’s charged.” A really nice honorable guy are kidding me !!! Look at that poor dog and tell me this again ! And he also had two bullets in him, I hope they nail this heartless scum to the cross and he suffers the way his two dogs have suffered…

  13. The Shit head needs to pay for ALL of the medical costs – take it out of his pension as he needs to PAY. He needs to be severely punished. He knew what was happening and is NOT a HONORABLE man. A policeman is charged with to serve and protect. He DID NOT do this. If he treats an animal like this he WILL treat a person like this. PUNISH HIM

  14. NICE GUY MY ARSE ALL the while shoving food down his own throat and he ignored this dog, what a SOB he is, that’s not nice, you can sugar coat it all day long but he’s a nasty and hateful man, bottom line.

  15. This POS should probably be getting Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson to do a song and dance in court about How this Poor Guy lost his job thru no fault of his own… He can’t afford care for his dogs!!! that he had to of gotten sooner than !4 years ago and This Guy can afford to go on a Cruise and let his animals languish like that!!! He needs tarred and feathered and marched thru the community!!! Then sent to Prison and placed with a block of Dog Advocates for a few months!!!!

  16. I hope his dogs get justice for what he did to them….big time !!! His fellow inmates in prison should beat the living SH.. out of him, break his teeth, break his bones and make him bleed all over. I am furious over this !! Poor dogs…help them get well and heal from this abuse !!


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