Dogs found in accused cruelty offender's home

Bodies of several dogs found in home of repeat cruelty offender

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Dogs, both neglected and dead, were recently discovered in the home of a Florida woman who has previously been charged with animal cruelty. According to Monday’s Palm Beach Post,  56-year-old Dolores Saverese was arrested over the weekend on charges of animal cruelty following the discovery of multiple dead dogs, and several alive and suffering signs of neglect.

Saverese has been in trouble for animal cruelty in the past – according to the Sun-Sentinel, in 2008 authorities called to her home after receiving a cruelty complaint discovered 23 dogs who were living in squalor. The incident resulted in Saverese being placed on probation for a year.

Woman arrested for animal cruelty

The most recent arrest and cruelty charges took place after animal care and control officials went to Saverese’s Boca Raton home on August 22 following a tip received via an anonymous phone call. Responding officers discovered multiple deceased dogs (the number is unconfirmed) and dogs who were living in deplorable conditions which have been described as consistent with hoarding. The dogs who survived the squalid conditions were suffering from infections, matted, filthy fur and skin abrasions.

Saverese was arrested and then released on $24,000 bail.

(Booking photo and photo from Palm Beach Animal Care and Control)

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11 replies
  1. maxiemom says:

    WHY do they continue to let these people off with ‘probation’? Doesn’t that also imply some kind of supervision, as in the authorities actually checking in on her and making certain she isn’t doing something like this again? Shouldn’t they check in from time to time REGARDLESS of how much time has elapsed since her probation ended knowing that she will continue to abuse helpless animals? This should be a no brainer……. Hoarders might think they’re helping, but not everyone given the name ‘hoarder’ is one: sometimes they’re abusers, and knowingly so.

  2. Char B says:

    F’ING PIG………..why is she not locked up????? This should never have been allowed to happen to these poor babies………….makes me so mad just give me 10 minutes with her.

  3. edward says:

    Stupid people $24,000 well that’s all you ask for Dirty Deeds you should all be ashamed of yourselves best friend, and she’s a b**** he’s called karma

  4. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Elle aurait dû être enfermée à vie, subir les mêmes souffrances que les animaux ont subi ,les condamnations ne sont pas assées sévères

  5. Steven says:

    It’s liberal Florida. She will get probation again because these idiots in Florida can’t give out meaningful sentences. If she has a criminal history she should have already been in jail. She shouldn’t be allowed to have any animals, what else do you assholes in Florida need to know?

  6. Diana Rowell says:

    I hate to break the bad news here, but Florida is NOT liberal, they are mostly republicans, who don’t believe in being kind or taking care of anyone else except themselves and THEIR family, including animals. Remember, these are the SAME people who do NOT want women to have birth control, they don’t want law enforcement getting into THEIR business for ANY reason. The judges in this state are NOTORIOUS, even in foreign countries, for handing down very light sentences for ALL criminals. These same people think if a girl is raped by a family member, then the girl must’ve deserved it. THAT’S what these people get for be racist, misogynist, thieving, selfish bastards. The wrath of God will take care of all these sick, twisted criminals upon death. Period!


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