Dog killed in sickening attack found floating in river

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In a disturbing case of animal torture, the RSPCA Queensland is asking for the public’s help identifying a dog killed in a sickening attack of brutality. The dog was found floating in a Gold Coast canal entangled in chicken wire with an arrow sticking out of his body. According to the Daily Mail, the tan colored mixed breed, found floating in a river had been shot by an arrow, wrapped in chicken wire and then dumped in the water. In addition the dog suffered burns to his body and severe trauma to his face and neck.

Authorities reported the dog’s tortured body was discovered floating along the waterway between Marina Quays Blvd. and Grant Ave. in Hope Island on October 20.

‘The dog may have sustained head/face trauma and there were severe burn wounds on the dog’s body,” reported the RSPCA Queensland. “Someone knows what happened to this dog.”

Anyone with information in regards to the incident is urged to contact the Cruelty Complaints hotline on 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625). Be the voice for the voiceless. Help this dog find justice.

(Photo of dog killed  via the RSPCA Queensland)

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  1. maxiemom says:

    THIS is but one example of why crimes against domestic pets need to be treated in the same way as crimes against humans. This is murder and torture, and the fiend who did this undoubtedly has other victims out there and will have many more until he is caught. For that, he will get only a few years, if we’re lucky, while if he did the same thing to humans, as a serial killer, which is what he is, he’d either be behind bars for the rest of his life, or killed, where he could never hurt another living soul. Because his victims are pets, he’ll get out to do it all over again.

  2. Serena Casey says:

    OMG when will this stop!!! That poor Dog I hope whoever did this gets caught and goes straight to jail there is no sense in doing this to a poor defenceless animal it’s so heartbreaking and pisses me off!!!

  3. Ruth Dorf says:

    Why can’t all the county animal shelters and the Humane Society check out people before they’re able to get an animal look at their background I don’t know that something needs to be done at all this animal abuse and cruelty even in the shelter’s needs to stop

  4. malgorzata szostek says:

    This was only a rehearsal…..on to the bigger things: children, women, neighbors, or guys from work.
    That is why the have to be found. No matter what. To stop the creatures so vile and so hungry for others’ suffering and pain. Animals are easy, so they train on them to hone their killing skills. We are the next ones on their list. Deplorable creatures that live among us.

  5. cristina brown says:

    This is INSANE. Why wouldn’t this CRIME be treated and punished as SEVERELY as the same against a human? This is equally horrific – as if it were done to a defenseless innocent child. The DEATH PENALTY for whoever did this, and as for karma, I wish them nothing more than a miserable lonely short, very short life on earth: you’re not wanted here, however many of you did this, you disgusting vile COWARDS, evil pathetic ugly monsters. I Pray your pure, innocent, beautiful soul can rejoyce now and rest easily and be surrounded by the great love and laughter and comfort and LOVE, you were too unlucky for words to not have found on this earth. Too many humans make up the worst, most ignorant, lowest species on the planet. I pray too, that among the fewer that don’t will be able to give you the justice and dignity you deserve, as we all fight for that daily. My love you you, sweet love soul, you belong and you matter greatly.


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