Emaciated dog tossed out of moving car

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On Saturday afternoon, someone tossed an emaciated dog out of a moving vehicle in Paterson, New Jersey. According to the no-kill organization, Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, bystanders saw a car slow down and toss out a tiny bundle of fur, before speeding off without looking back.

The rescue agency stated, ” It was hard to tell what was beneath the mats, urine soaked fur and filth.   Wrapped like a mummy in mats, this tiny creature struggled to get up, but was unable to walk.” The dog, dubbed “Grant,” was taken to the Oradell Animal Hospital.

Emaciated dog thrown from car

Frannie Laurita, a shelter volunteer, told 1010 WINS. “His fur was so matted and so filthy that it was wrapped around his limbs, and it was wrapped around his face and his eyes weren’t visible.” Though Grant should weigh approximately 20 pounds, when he was first taken to the veterinarian, he weighed in at just six pounds.

On the GoFundMe account established to help this emaciated dog, the rescuers described Grant’s first moments after being saved:

All you could see was his nose and tongue through the mats, and as he heard a kind voice, an amazing thing happened.  This sweet little creature moved towards us and gave kisses.  He was stumbling over from the weight of his mats and weakness of his body, yet he yearned to love and be loved.

Now, the local authorities are hoping to find whoever is responsible for throwing this dog out of the vehicle – whoever is responsible could face multiple charges, including abandoning an animal reported CBS New York.

Find Grant’s GoFundMe account here.

Find the rescue agency’s Facebook page here.

National Dog News Facebook page here.


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  1. Hey scumbags that will really really really mean so I guess he deserve to be thrown out of all six pounds I’m always in the air Pass New Jersey if I ever seen you I would have f****** put a bullet through your f****** head Isis Style they need to change the lures to catch people like you to f****** executing hope for the new laws coming soon remember my famous Karmaos a b****

  2. We are getting to many story’s like this every day now .why is there so many cruel people in this world .why do people get dogs if they cant look after them .And why is people getting of with it .Laws need to be changed that at least 5years in jail for people who do this 2 Animals


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