Broken-hearted senior waits at shelter after owner dies

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Update 12/10/16: Adopted!!

Duke is a broken-hearted senior who came to the DeKalb County Animal Services just days after his owner died. Most likely he spent his entire life in one home – imagine the changes and loneliness he must be feeling? According to Urgent Animals at DeKalb County Animal Services, Duke is extremely friendly, gets along with other dogs and loves to take a nap next to any person he can find.duke-the-old-dog-2

The shelter is the last place Duke should be, and it is hoped he can find a loving place to retire. As volunteers and staff are becoming better acquainted with this mellow old guy, they note he enjoys doing laps around the front office, loves being brushed and cordially greets his fellow senior office dog in the morning. Although he walks slowly because of arthritis, this kind old soul is being administered medication to make him more comfortable. That may need to continue when he finds his new home.

Share Duke’s story with friends, family and social media contacts. Senior dogs are the best. Sharing saves lives. If interested in meeting Duke, please email

(Photos of broken-hearted senior freezeshots from video at Urgent Animals at DeKalb County Animal Services)

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Check out Duke’s video. So what if he’s a little hard of hearing or his eyesight isn’t as good as it was a few years ago? Look how adoring and sweet Duke is – doesn’t he deserve a wonderful future?

ADOPTED!Duke is a sweet senior pup who came to us after his owner passed away. The shelter is the last place this old man wants to be right now – he would love to find a place to retire. Duke enjoys doing laps around the front office, napping next to any person he can find, and being brushed. He greets his fellow senior office dog every morning and does fine with calm, laid back dogs that will mosey around with him. Duke moves pretty slow due to arthritis, but really enjoys exploring new places and finding new places to nap. We are keeping him comfortable with medication, which he may need to continue when he finds his human. Duke would love to leave the shelter behind. Can you help him find his retirement home?

Posted by Urgent Animals at DeKalb County Animal Services on Tuesday, December 6, 2016


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  1. Darla says:

    Awww, he is so sweet. Seniors make wonderful companions. I have two senior Yellow Labs, both adopted (one was adopted as a senior; the other as a middle aged adult). I hope Duke can find a new home for the holidays. He must be so confused as to why his mom or dad isn’t with him anymore.

  2. lilsdad73 says:

    What a lovely doggie, I still can’t help but see all cats and dogs as babies, no matter how old they are! Really hope he finds a new home with a loving family, so hard to have their owner pass away…but there’s a lotta love out there too waiting for him!

    • Kerry Flood-Mellen says:

      Some shelters permit out-of-state adoptions. I adopted a dog from Irving, Texas 3 years ago, and I live in Cleveland, Ohio.

      Contact the shelter directly to see what their adoption policy is. If they do allow out-of-state adoptions, and you’re okay with the likelihood of having to jump through a few hoops, adopting Duke is a realistic possibility.

      There are many transport groups where volunteers help animals travel to adopters, fosters, and rescues. Kindered Hearts (KHTC) is a very reputable transport group, but some times you have to wait a few weeks, which means potentially having to find a safe place for the dog to stay temporarily. It would just depend on how flexible the shelter would be.

      Lots of shelters have volunteer groups that help out potential adopters too. You’ll just have to check.

      I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions.



  3. Connie says:

    Thee is a fabulous rescue for senior dogs from shelters in Tennessee–I think it is called Old Friends Senior Rescue and can be found on the web. If they have an opening, perhaps Pilots and Paws could fly him there–all the dogs look so happy and beautifully cared for. Good luck.


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