Breed specific prejudice creates hardships everywhere

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We have all heard of and have been angered over the recent decision in Montreal to ban all Pit Bulls because of breed specific prejudice.  It has become a worldwide epidemic and is happening right here in our own backyard.

Luna, a sweet and loving 2 year old female Pit mix had been living a happy life with her family in Tampa, Florida when suddenly the landlord told her owners no Pit Bulls allowed. Her brokenhearted family put out an urgent plea for someone to adopt her, but no one stepped up to help dear Luna.  Her family was forced to do the inevitable and take her to the animal control shelter. The fact that she was an owner surrender and a Pit Bull with breed specific prejudice would have been the death knell for Luna when the unexpected happened.

A Good Samaritan and angel for animals named Stacy Devaris intervened at the shelter drop off door and offered to take Luna from her owner. Stacy had recently rescued and re-homed five stray dogs from the streets of Tampa that surely would have ended up in the hands of dog fighters. This huge rescue mission put a strain on her financially, yet she could not turn Luna down knowing what her fate would be.

This was back in August, and since then Luna has been in a boarding at Tampa Bay Animal Hospital in Temple Terrace. Although she is receiving excellent care in boarding and the staff love her, Luna wants a home and family again. Luna is fully vetted, spayed, and great with kids and other dogs. Sometimes she growls when she is playing but that is just because she is excited.

It’s not Luna’s fault she was judged for her breed before knowing her sweet disposition.

She is a great dog full of energy and love.

If you want to meet Luna and can foster or adopt please contact Stacy Devaris at 813-731-1376.

Funding is also needed for her continued boarding. Please consider a donation to help Luna until she finds the forever home all dogs deserve.

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