Outrage after dog drowned when thrown off pier

In Gulfport, Florida, animal advocates are outraged after a dog drowned when thrown off a pier just one day before Thanksgiving.  A heavy chain had been attached to the pit bull’s collar when his owner tossed the dog into the water, who was then unable to stay afloat.eagle-finegan

Joe Bradford was Rock’s owner, and according to WtspNews, he loved his dog. According to Bradford, when he realized his dog was drowning, Bradford jumped in – pulled him out of the water, tried CPR, but it was all too late. Bradford claimed he was giving the dog a bath and had done so before, however he hadn’t realized the chain and the attached lock were too heavy for Rock to compensate and stay afloat. The Gulfport Police Department has not charged Bradford with any wrongdoing.eagle-finegan-2

When the news and the photos of the chain and the lock that had been attached to Rock’s collar were made public on the Facebook page of animal advocate, Eagle Finegan, the disturbing news spread quickly.

“As explained to me by the Officers.. (yes, they took time to talk to me) First, the witnesses are all local minors. They were crying, very upset, and all told the basic same story, but the time line was different as to how long it took the Scum to jump in. But all said the dog was dead, before he jumped in. No law as to how, large or heavy a chain can be. Please note the size of the lock on the chain. The case has been forwarded to the States Attorney. My point was, just the act of throwing the dog in was reason enough to arrest him. He was more concerned about the chain, than the dog,” Eagle posted.eagle-finegan-3

On Tuesday afternoon, Sgt. Thomas Woodman of the Gulfport Police Department announced the Assistant State Attorney and the investigating officer will discuss this case on December 5, and decide if Bradford will be charged in connection with Rock’s death.

Rest in peace Rock. We are sorry you were failed by the one person you thought you could trust.

(Photos of dog drowned via Facebook page Eagle Finegan)

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Woman videoed beating her dog with broomstick handle

In Brockton, Massachusetts a woman faces animal cruelty charges after a video of a woman beating her dog with a broomstick handle was posted on social media Thursday morning. The woman is seen screaming at her dog and repeatedly striking the terrified animal with a broomstick. According to the Enterprise, both police and the Brockton Animal Control departments have filed papers to charge Angelica Santosuosso with animal cruelty.

The video, which was posted and since deleted on Facebook, shows Santosuosso, 32, screaming at her pit bull named Bella. The dog was seen cowering under the kitchen table as Santosuosso hit the broomstick against the floor. Bella quickly flees into the living room and then runs back underneath the table, urinating on the floor from fright, as Santosuosso is seen striking the terrified dog hard twice with the handle of the broom. The dog cries out and runs out of the room. The woman screams one more time as the video ends.

Brockton Animal Control Supervisor was very concerned that Santosuosso had been tormenting the dog, and from the way Bella acted and ran, it most likely was not the first time the dog was assaulted.

The video was removed from Facebook, and it has since been reported the disturbing cruel treatment dates back to August when the woman’s uncle taped the incident while he had been living with Santosuosso. Bella was rehomed shortly after the video by Santosuosso, and when authorities checked on the dog, it was determined she was fine and happy.

Why the incident was just reported this morning is unclear, but if found guilty of animal cruelty, Santosuosso faces up to seven years in prison or a $5,000 fine. If only judges would carry out the maximum sentences, it would certainly send the message that animal cruelty will not be tolerated.

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(Photo of woman videoed beating her dog screenshot from Enterprise)

Breed specific prejudice creates hardships everywhere

We have all heard of and have been angered over the recent decision in Montreal to ban all Pit Bulls because of breed specific prejudice.  It has become a worldwide epidemic and is happening right here in our own backyard.

Luna, a sweet and loving 2 year old female Pit mix had been living a happy life with her family in Tampa, Florida when suddenly the landlord told her owners no Pit Bulls allowed. Her brokenhearted family put out an urgent plea for someone to adopt her, but no one stepped up to help dear Luna.  Her family was forced to do the inevitable and take her to the animal control shelter. The fact that she was an owner surrender and a Pit Bull with breed specific prejudice would have been the death knell for Luna when the unexpected happened.

A Good Samaritan and angel for animals named Stacy Devaris intervened at the shelter drop off door and offered to take Luna from her owner. Stacy had recently rescued and re-homed five stray dogs from the streets of Tampa that surely would have ended up in the hands of dog fighters. This huge rescue mission put a strain on her financially, yet she could not turn Luna down knowing what her fate would be.

This was back in August, and since then Luna has been in a boarding at Tampa Bay Animal Hospital in Temple Terrace. Although she is receiving excellent care in boarding and the staff love her, Luna wants a home and family again. Luna is fully vetted, spayed, and great with kids and other dogs. Sometimes she growls when she is playing but that is just because she is excited.

It’s not Luna’s fault she was judged for her breed before knowing her sweet disposition.

She is a great dog full of energy and love.

If you want to meet Luna and can foster or adopt please contact Stacy Devaris at 813-731-1376.

Funding is also needed for her continued boarding. Please consider a donation to help Luna until she finds the forever home all dogs deserve.

Model pit bull went for trial foster and never looked back

A pit bull, who was a captivating model for photographer Sophie Gamand, recently went to a foster home on a trial basis, and things went so well that she never looked back. On Sunday, Gamand, who has the wildly popular Pit Bull Flower Power series, gushed about the recent adoption of her former doggy-model, “Angel.”

Gamand explained that Angel had been homeless for quite some time – the tides of fortune began to change when a man named Bob began to volunteer at the  DAWS: Danbury Animal Welfare Society shelter in Connecticut. Bob spent a considerable amount of time at the shelter’s play yard – especially with the dogs who seemed to need it the most.

It was during this extra time that Bob and Angel got to know one another – eventually, Bob inquired with the shelter to see if he might be a good match for her. A trial foster situation was set up and things went so well that Bob decided that Angel had to be a permanent part of his family. Gamand wrote, “Bob never brought Angel back… She was home! They already had their little routine, car rides and naps on her own loveseat.”

Angel, described as an affectionate “wiggle-butt” even worked her charm on one of Bob’s neighbors, who expressed a fear and dislike for pit bulls. Gamand wrote of Angel’s first encounter with the neighbor,  “A woman across the parking lot yelled at him, “Is that a pit bull?” and Bob said “Yes, this is Angel, she loves to meet new people, would you like to meet her?” and she said no, she was scared of them because of a bad experience.”

The wiggle butting eventually won the woman over enough that she not only approached Angel, but she even decided that the “scary pit bull” was sweet enough to be a friend. Gamand wrote “Soon she was petting Angel. Now, that lady just runs across the parking lot excitedly yelling “Angel!” to go see them!”

Happy new life Angel!

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Rescue group comes to aid of severely injured dog left on side of road

Early Wednesday afternoon, Second Chance Rescue NYC received a heartbreaking plea for help from Good Samaritans. A young female dog was discovered lying in her own blood and in shock on the side of the road.second-chance-928

“Alone, in horrible pain, and bleeding, this young female was laying there shaking and in shock. We do not know how long she has been there, or exactly what happened to her to cause such terrible injuries…. We pray this was not done intentionally,” the organization posted on their Facebook page.

It is assumed the dog, now dubbed Cassidy, had been hit by a car, and as her body flew through the air, no one stopped nor did they care. Instead she was left for dead or to languish in pain until her heart stopped beating.  Second Chance Rescue NYC has rushed Cassidy to their partner veterinarian where her condition is currently being evaluated and emergency care is being administered.

Although the photos are extremely graphic, these are the only photos available at this time. Sadly, however the pictures are reality and accurately present what Cassidy has had to endure and the extraordinary emotional and financial demand this rescue organization is faced with almost daily.

The rescue needs help from their supporters to afford Cassidy’s veterinarian care. Please share Cassidy’s plight with friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. To donate, please click here.

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‘#SaveHank’ family’s dog condemned to death for looks


The “SaveHank” hashtag is growing in popularity on Twitter – the #SaveHank hashtag refers to a family’s dog who was seized on July 14 in Belfast, Ireland. According to a petition created to help save Hank, a total of eight police officers and four dog wardens arrived to Hank’s owners’ home to seize the dog – the reason? He looks like a pit bull, which is considered to be a banned “breed.”

Hank’s owners,  Joanne Meadows and Leonard Collins, believe that their dog is a Labrador retriever/English Staffordshire cross and in order to save their beloved companion, they are being forced to fight for his life in court.

Meadows and Collins are not the only people fighting for Hank’s life – celebrity dog trainer/behaviorist Victoria Stilwell has also expressed her anger over the seizure of Hank, and she has vowed to fly to Belfast to fight on his behalf if necessary, reported the Belfast Telegraph. Dermot O’Leary, a British broadcaster, has also taken to Twitter to fight for Hank. O’Leary recently Tweeted, “Hi all, have a read and sign please. X Belfast City Council: Save Hank – Sign the Petition!”13669183_1813151215582133_8747759247089852678_n

To date, over 270,000 people have signed the petition to spare Hank’s life. Signatures and high profile celebrity support may not be enough to save Hank’s life however. In 2012, Lennox,another seized “pit bull type” of dog, was killed because of the breed-specific legislation which is in place in Belfast – the battle to save Lennox’s life went on for two years and Lennox had widespread support from around the world.

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(Photos Save Hank Facebook page)

Owner heartbroken after dog mistakenly killed at shelter

Screenshot (714)

A software “glitch” is being blamed for the mistaken killing of a dog, who escaped from his owner’s yard in Lexington, Kentucky, earlier this month reported WTVQ News. The dog who lost his life at an area animal control agency was a pit bull named “Drake,” who belonged to Vanessa Kyle.

Kyle expressed to WTVQ News her devastation over the sudden and unexpected loss of her pet, “It’s awful, I have cried constantly. You know for the first two or three days, I didn’t eat.” The tragedy took place after Drake somehow escaped from his fenced in yard and wound up on a neighbor’s property.

The neighbor did not know who Drake belonged to, so he transported him to the Lexington-Fayette Animal Care and Control. Drake’s owner visited the facility and looked for her dog, but could not find him – on a return visit, she was taken aside and given the heartbreaking news that her dog had already been put down.

The shelter has stated that mistakes like the one that claimed Drake’s life are rare – Kyle has been provided with an adoption certificate and license if she decides to get a new dog.

Screenshot (715)Unfortunately, nothing will bring Drake back. A painful reminder to all owners to keep current identification tags on your pet and ensure that your dog has a microhip with up-to-date information.

(Photos screen shots via ABC 36 News/WTVQ)



Dog continues to wait for home after being thrown away

Screenshot (672)

Imagine if your life meant so little to someone that they decided you were not worth feeding. Imagine if someone cared so little for your well-being that you were thrown away inside of an alley trash container.

Meet Charlotte – a three-year-old deaf dog who meant so little to someone that she was literally thrown away. Years ago, Charlotte was found in the garbage and taken in by Chicago animal control. Today, though Charlotte is no longer skeletal, she remains unwanted.

For two years, Charlotte has been held in a boarding facility – she receives fresh water and regular meals, but she is not part of anyone’s family and she is not someone’s beloved companion.


The following description is provided on the Facebook page which was created on Charlotte’s behalf:

Charlotte is a high energy dog that loves to chase toys, play tug, chew on treats, lay on humans, take car rides, and eat ice cream. She is deaf and is learning to communicate using hand commands and a vibrating e-collar. She is great on leash, loves to do agility, and enjoys training. She would do best in an experienced home with a family really to put in the time and effort teaching and leading her in a consistent and loving world that she has yet to experience.

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Click here to watch a video of Charlotte.


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