Grandmother charged after 2 dogs fatally mauled toddler

A grandmother in Hart County, Georgia, is facing a second-degree murder charge after her dogs fatally mauled her grandson. According to WSBTV News, the two-year-old boy was attacked and killed by 70-year-old Sandra Adams’ two dogs, described as pit bulls, on Tuesday.

The little boy, whose identity has not yet been released, was being cared for by Adams at the time – the grievously injured child was rushed to an urgent care center, but the wounds proved to be fatal. According to WSPA News, in addition to the second-degree murder charge, Adams is also facing charges for cruelty to children second degree and involuntary manslaughter.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) has indicated that Adams has been cited “multiple times” by the local authorities for an ordinance maintaining disorderly animals. The dogs were seized and will be put down after a 24 to 48 hour period of observation, reported 11 Alive News.

Another child, 4 years of age, was killed by dogs in Texas last Thursday – read the story here.

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Authorities search for whoever shot dog point blank in the face

A dog, apparently shot at point blank range in the face, was found in South Bend, Indiana. Local authorities are searching for the person(s) responsible for the cruel act of violence.

According to the South Bend Animal Care and Control (SBACC), the chocolate colored, female pit bull was found on Saturday. She was suffering from “clear signs of abuse,” including a gunshot wound inside of her mouth – the bullet traveled into her shoulder.

Tragically, the injuries were determined to be too severe for the abused dog to survive and she was humanely euthanized, reported WSBT News.

SBACC is hoping that someone will recognize this dog and come forward with information that will help the authorities solve the crime. The animal-welfare agency provided information about where the dog was found:

Does anyone recognize this sweet girl? She came in on Saturday with clear signs of abuse and was located in the Medora/Wilber/Anderson/King street area

The agency added:

 A police report has been filed and ballistics will be run on the recovered bullet. We ask that anyone with information please contact us or SBPD reference incident # 17-105909.

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Oregon family fights to save life of family dog

A family in Merlin, Oregon is fighting for the life of their pit bull named Kron, (pronounced Crone) who has been sentenced to die by Josephine County Commissioners Simon Hare and Dan DeYoung.  Kron’s crime, attacking livestock, which according to Commissioner Hare, is an automatic death sentence. The incident occurred on March 11, 2017 in Merlin, Oregon, a small town outside of Grants Pass, Oregon.

Kron escaped from the yard and decided to go exploring as dogs often do.  He ended up on a neighbor’s property and was startled by a horse there. Kron bit the horse on its muzzle. The horse’s owner came out of the home and shot at Kron. After shooting him in the head, he shot the dog again in the neck. Fortunately, Kron’s owner arrived on scene and rushed him to the vet. Miraculously he survived after a lengthy surgery. The bullet that went through the side of his neck is too dangerous to be removed, so it must stay lodged there. The horse sustained minor injuries, no stitches were needed, but received treatment with antibiotics.

On March 16th, 2017, the County Commissioners ordered Kron to be picked up by Animal Control, and the family was told he would be euthanized as a dangerous animal. Kron’s family went to the hearing on March 21, 2017 where they pleaded for his life. Unfortunately, their pleas fell on deaf ears; County Commissioner Simon Hare insisted Kron be put down.  According to a family member, Mr. Hare stated he already made his decision, but he must go through the hearing, however was not going to change his mind.  He is of the belief that any dog chasing/attacking livestock should be killed. Of the three board members, Simon Hare and Dan DeYoung voted to have Kron euthanized. Commissioner Lily Morgan voted to keep Kron alive.

According to Kron’s family, he is a sweet, gentle dog who has never been in trouble before, never hurt a person or another animal. He sleeps with the young daughter of the family. He acted out of fear and the need to defend himself against a horse, a creature he has never seen before. He is an indoor house dog who just wants to give hugs and sleep on the couch. The opposing party, the horse’s owner, however claims Kron is an aggressive, dangerous dog. He told the local KDRV News that Kron not only attacked his horse, but lunged at him and his wife as well.

An alternate proposition was made that could save Kron’s life.  Kron’s actual owners live in Albany, Oregon. The family in Merlin were just caring for him temporarily when he escaped.  The owners are wanting to take their dog back to live with them in a suburban area hours away from the injured horse and other livestock but the county says “no” to this solution. According to Commissioner DeYoung, it comes down to liability and only killing the dog will prevent him from biting anyone or anything again.  He and Commissioner Hare concur that euthanizing the dog is the only solution.

Kron’s family is going to continue fighting for their dog. They are going to appeal the council’s decision before a hearings officer. If the hearings officer does not overturn the decision to kill Kron, the family can appeal the circuit court judge next.Until then, Kron cannot be killed while his case goes through the appeals process. Family and supporters of Kron staged a peaceful protest in front of the Josephine County Courthouse on March 25th, 2017.

Since Kron has no history of prior attacks and the horse sustained very mild injuries. killing Kron serves no purpose other than to be vindictive against him and his family. He can easily go live out his life in peace in another location.

A petition to save Kron’s life has been set up

As well as a Facebook page for Kron’s supporters.

To speak up for Kron, the County Commissioners can also be contacted directly.

Josephine County Courthouse Simon Hare
500 NW 6th Street
Grants Pass, OR 97526

Phone: (541) 474-5221
E-mail address:

E-mail address:

Josephine County Courthouse Dan Deyoung
500 NW 6th Street
Grants Pass, OR 97526

Phone: (541) 474-5221
E-mail address:

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Sick and depressed dog needs out of shelter

















Owner heartbroken after shelter euthanizes her dog one hour after she surrendered pet

In Petersburg, Virginia, a dog owner who fell on hard times thought that surrendering her dog to the Petersburg Animal Shelter was the right thing to do – hoping the pit bull mix she loved and cared for the last five years, would be able to find a new home and have a better life. So on Monday, Vanessa Thomas brought her beloved dog Patty to the shelter.

According to WricNews, Vanessa was told by the shelter they would try to find a new home for Patty, find a rescue agency to take it or as a last resort euthanizing the dog was a possibility. On Tuesday, Vanessa had second thoughts and wanted her dog back. She waited until the shelter opened at 12:00 and there she was – but Patty was already gone!

“When I got there, she told me she had euthanized my dog,” Vanessa stated.

Deborah Broughton, the Warden at the Petersburg Animal Shelter, told Wric News the dog came at her leg shortly after Vanessa left – the dog was stressed and Broughton made the decision to euthanize the dog within the hour. Vanessa, however disagrees and stated Patty had recently been to the veterinarian and that the dog was never listed as aggressive. Although vet records did have a “caution” sticker on her chart, that is not necessarily out of the ordinary and by no means meant the dog was aggressive stated the vet’s office.

What Broughton did was indeed very tragic, but perfectly legal. When Vanessa signed the dog over to the shelter, she acknowledged euthanasia was possible and gave up ownership of her dog. Broughton stated it was a tough decision, but she had followed protocol and if the same situation occurred again, she would stick by her decision.

Patty was the loser; Patty was the victim. Vanessa thought she was doing the right thing for her dog, and when she decided she wanted Patty back just hours later, and would do whatever she needed to keep her dog, it was too late. What do you think? Should there be a 24-hour waiting period before a shelter can euthanize a pet once they are surrendered? Rest in peace Patty.

(Photo of shelter euthanizes dog one hour later via WricNews)

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Guardians of Rescue provide homeless man’s dog with medical help

For the Guardians of Rescue, helping the homeless in New York City with their pets could be labeled a controversial issue by some, but to these rescuers it’s all about the animals. On Monday, rescue volunteers,  Brian, Marceline and Joe B. traveled to the city where they eagerly distributed waterproof jackets, food, and supplies for the dogs of homeless people; better equipping these pets to tolerate the cold and damp freezing temperatures.Guardian members Monday

“Homeless people and their pets are a reality. Is helping controversial? Possibly. But do we turn our backs and do nothing in the face of controversy? Some might, but Guardians of Rescue won’t. It is all about the animals,” the group posted on their Facebook page.

And off to work the Guardians of Rescue went; filling up dog bowls and zipping up warm vests on fuzzy canine bellies. They listened to the stories, petted the dogs and did their best to provide the basics – much of what many of us all take for granted. When they first spotted Sasha, a gray and white pittie mix, they knew she needed veterinarian attention for a hemotoma on her ear. After speaking with her owners and convincing them their dog needed medical care and she would have to be at the veterinarian hospital for a few days, they agreed. Sasha was transferred  to the Save-A-Pet where her ear is being treated, and while there she will receive her vaccinations and be spayed. She will then rejoin her people who love her very much. They were provided with a cell phone to be able to check on their dog, and have been regularly keeping in touch.Guardian members Monday2

“We know some people may ask why return Sasha to her owners? One, they care about her, and two, they will just get another dog. It would also make it so no homeless person would ever trust us to help dogs again, and other dogs will suffer from it,” explained the rescuers. “Some will say it is a harsh life for the dogs, but there are thousands of dogs living on chains, and tens of thousands of dogs being euthanized every day because nobody cared – all dogs that do not have the love that these homeless people give to their dogs.”

We have all heard that homeless people shouldn’t have dogs when they aren’t even capable of  caring for themselves. While that may be one argument, there are many conflicting factors that should also be considered:Guardian members Monday 3

  • Money isn’t the deciding factor if someone is to be allowed to love a dog or a cat. People who struggle also have the right to be loved and to love. Homeless people are everywhere, and of course trying to help these people and their pets get off the streets is an admirable focus, but these people aren’t asking for us to judge them.
  • Dogs are naturally hardy creatures. Notice that most of the dogs living on the streets, with their homeless human companions, are generally the bigger dogs and the stronger breeds – we see lots of pit mixes, shepherd mixes and long-haired breeds able to withstand the weather and even more capable of curling up with their humans and staying warm. Many of these dogs are very protective of their owners; perhaps a good line of defense when one is homeless and doesn’t have a safe place to sleep.
  • And then there’s the basic facts that homeless people most often don’t die from starvation. Somehow they have figured out how to find food for both themselves and their companions.  These dogs are their emotional helpers; other times the dogs are their links to reality and the avenue some of these people travel through to survive. Need we also mention that wealthy people, working people and emotionally disturbed people who live in comfortable houses, abuse and starve their dogs too?

With all of the dogs who are euthanized daily because they have no place to go, why not offer a homeless person and their dog some food the next time you pass by – it’s not a cure, but there’s nothing wrong with a random act of kindness.

Photos of homeless dogs courtesy of Guardians of Rescue. To donate to this organization, please click here.

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Federal case filed on behalf of Colorado pit bull and his owner

Advocates for animals, especially those who support pit bulls have recently been enraged over two different federal cases unfolding on two separate ends of the country.  Niko, a Pit Bull in Albemarle County, Virginia has been imprisoned for over two years at the county shelter awaiting his case, which is currently pending in the Federal Court.

Supporters of Baby protest outside a local news station.

Supporters of Baby protest outside a local news station.

Baby, a Pit Bull in Colorado has also suffered the same fate and has been imprisoned since September 26th, 2014.

Baby’s situation started when Northglenn City Police arrived at the home where Baby was residing. The dog, in fear escaped and was picked up a half mile away from the home terrified and bleeding.  A kind citizen whose home Baby ran to, described the dog as extremely friendly and non-aggressive.  However, despite this report, Baby and another dog who also resided in the home, were impounded.  The female dog was released after a few days, but Baby was kept in impound.

The city of Northglenn violated their own municipal code which clearly states that within eight hours of a dog being impounded, the city must make a record as to why the dog was impounded. The city of Northglenn failed to document a reason for Baby and for the other dog that was released.

In February of 2015, the city called Baby’s owner Serena Campbell, a single mom and disabled veteran, and told her she could come and pick Baby up from the shelter.  If she did not respond in five days, the dog would become property of the state.  Serena went to the shelter three different times within the five-day window and each time the dog was not released to her as initially promised.

Then, to make things more convoluted, the Northglenn police showed up and stated a hearing was going to be held to determine if Baby should be released or euthanized. The case (Number AC-2015-9) was allegedly created fraudulently as there was never a summons or any complaints filed against the dog to justify this type of hearing. Per the Northglenn Municipal Code, this case was held illegally, and the judge wrongfully deemed Baby as dangerous based on falsified documents from the animal shelter. When Serena requested copies of the documents, they were denied to her thus leaving her with no ability to subpoena the animal shelter workers who supposedly submitted the statements.  When Serena was able to actually view the statements, one had a statement but no signature. Serena disputed the hearsay of the shelter workers with a video of her dog’s behavior that completely contradicted their statements.

Despite obvious hearsay and a hearing that was held illegally, the judge still handed down an order for Baby to be euthanized (euthanasia order ID # A100540) Serena was not going to give in and have her dog killed unjustly.  She appealed the euthanasia order on the grounds that the sentence was handed down during an illegal hearing.  Campbell reached out to a local animal attorney, who put in a request to the Northglenn Municipal Judge to overturn the illegal euthanasia order.  A federal appeal was also sent to the Supreme Court, and while it was pending for approval or denial, it was costing Serena $7.00 a day to keep Baby alive. If she did not pay, Baby would be euthanized.  This expense created financial hardship for Serena who is a single mom surviving on a disabled veteran’s income.

Not only are a dog’s rights at stake here, but the rights of Serena Campbell, a veteran who served her country faithfully. She has her own case pending in the Federal District Court for constitutional rights violations including illegal seizure and due process rights violations.  Of course, the county and the city of Northglenn have filed motions to dismiss the case. At this time the case is in a waiting period for the judge to make a decision. Meanwhile, Baby must sit in a cage for over two years with no fresh air, no exercise and no sunlight.

The tragedy of the matter is; there are people in authority who can easily make the decision to move the dog to a more humane facility or release him from impound altogether while the case goes to federal litigation but no one will make a move to do so, thus the dog continues to sit in his prison through no crime of his or his owner. Concerned citizens and those who want to see Baby freed are encouraged to write to the Northglenn City Manager James Hayes expressing their views. He can be reached via email at JHAYES@NORTHGLENN.ORG or via regular mail addressed to:

James Hayes

City of Northglenn

11701 Community Center Drive

Northglenn, Colorado 80233

To date. Serena Campbell has accrued over $18,000 in legal fees and payments to keep Baby alive at the shelter.

A fundraising site has been set up to help defray the costs.

For updates on Baby’s case visit the Facebook page:

This is truly a case of illegal abuse of power and an unconstitutional murder order against an innocent dog and his owner.







Outrage after dog drowned when thrown off pier

In Gulfport, Florida, animal advocates are outraged after a dog drowned when thrown off a pier just one day before Thanksgiving.  A heavy chain had been attached to the pit bull’s collar when his owner tossed the dog into the water, who was then unable to stay afloat.eagle-finegan

Joe Bradford was Rock’s owner, and according to WtspNews, he loved his dog. According to Bradford, when he realized his dog was drowning, Bradford jumped in – pulled him out of the water, tried CPR, but it was all too late. Bradford claimed he was giving the dog a bath and had done so before, however he hadn’t realized the chain and the attached lock were too heavy for Rock to compensate and stay afloat. The Gulfport Police Department has not charged Bradford with any wrongdoing.eagle-finegan-2

When the news and the photos of the chain and the lock that had been attached to Rock’s collar were made public on the Facebook page of animal advocate, Eagle Finegan, the disturbing news spread quickly.

“As explained to me by the Officers.. (yes, they took time to talk to me) First, the witnesses are all local minors. They were crying, very upset, and all told the basic same story, but the time line was different as to how long it took the Scum to jump in. But all said the dog was dead, before he jumped in. No law as to how, large or heavy a chain can be. Please note the size of the lock on the chain. The case has been forwarded to the States Attorney. My point was, just the act of throwing the dog in was reason enough to arrest him. He was more concerned about the chain, than the dog,” Eagle posted.eagle-finegan-3

On Tuesday afternoon, Sgt. Thomas Woodman of the Gulfport Police Department announced the Assistant State Attorney and the investigating officer will discuss this case on December 5, and decide if Bradford will be charged in connection with Rock’s death.

Rest in peace Rock. We are sorry you were failed by the one person you thought you could trust.

(Photos of dog drowned via Facebook page Eagle Finegan)

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Woman videoed beating her dog with broomstick handle

In Brockton, Massachusetts a woman faces animal cruelty charges after a video of a woman beating her dog with a broomstick handle was posted on social media Thursday morning. The woman is seen screaming at her dog and repeatedly striking the terrified animal with a broomstick. According to the Enterprise, both police and the Brockton Animal Control departments have filed papers to charge Angelica Santosuosso with animal cruelty.

The video, which was posted and since deleted on Facebook, shows Santosuosso, 32, screaming at her pit bull named Bella. The dog was seen cowering under the kitchen table as Santosuosso hit the broomstick against the floor. Bella quickly flees into the living room and then runs back underneath the table, urinating on the floor from fright, as Santosuosso is seen striking the terrified dog hard twice with the handle of the broom. The dog cries out and runs out of the room. The woman screams one more time as the video ends.

Brockton Animal Control Supervisor was very concerned that Santosuosso had been tormenting the dog, and from the way Bella acted and ran, it most likely was not the first time the dog was assaulted.

The video was removed from Facebook, and it has since been reported the disturbing cruel treatment dates back to August when the woman’s uncle taped the incident while he had been living with Santosuosso. Bella was rehomed shortly after the video by Santosuosso, and when authorities checked on the dog, it was determined she was fine and happy.

Why the incident was just reported this morning is unclear, but if found guilty of animal cruelty, Santosuosso faces up to seven years in prison or a $5,000 fine. If only judges would carry out the maximum sentences, it would certainly send the message that animal cruelty will not be tolerated.

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(Photo of woman videoed beating her dog screenshot from Enterprise)

Breed specific prejudice creates hardships everywhere

We have all heard of and have been angered over the recent decision in Montreal to ban all Pit Bulls because of breed specific prejudice.  It has become a worldwide epidemic and is happening right here in our own backyard.

Luna, a sweet and loving 2 year old female Pit mix had been living a happy life with her family in Tampa, Florida when suddenly the landlord told her owners no Pit Bulls allowed. Her brokenhearted family put out an urgent plea for someone to adopt her, but no one stepped up to help dear Luna.  Her family was forced to do the inevitable and take her to the animal control shelter. The fact that she was an owner surrender and a Pit Bull with breed specific prejudice would have been the death knell for Luna when the unexpected happened.

A Good Samaritan and angel for animals named Stacy Devaris intervened at the shelter drop off door and offered to take Luna from her owner. Stacy had recently rescued and re-homed five stray dogs from the streets of Tampa that surely would have ended up in the hands of dog fighters. This huge rescue mission put a strain on her financially, yet she could not turn Luna down knowing what her fate would be.

This was back in August, and since then Luna has been in a boarding at Tampa Bay Animal Hospital in Temple Terrace. Although she is receiving excellent care in boarding and the staff love her, Luna wants a home and family again. Luna is fully vetted, spayed, and great with kids and other dogs. Sometimes she growls when she is playing but that is just because she is excited.

It’s not Luna’s fault she was judged for her breed before knowing her sweet disposition.

She is a great dog full of energy and love.

If you want to meet Luna and can foster or adopt please contact Stacy Devaris at 813-731-1376.

Funding is also needed for her continued boarding. Please consider a donation to help Luna until she finds the forever home all dogs deserve.

Model pit bull went for trial foster and never looked back

A pit bull, who was a captivating model for photographer Sophie Gamand, recently went to a foster home on a trial basis, and things went so well that she never looked back. On Sunday, Gamand, who has the wildly popular Pit Bull Flower Power series, gushed about the recent adoption of her former doggy-model, “Angel.”

Gamand explained that Angel had been homeless for quite some time – the tides of fortune began to change when a man named Bob began to volunteer at the  DAWS: Danbury Animal Welfare Society shelter in Connecticut. Bob spent a considerable amount of time at the shelter’s play yard – especially with the dogs who seemed to need it the most.

It was during this extra time that Bob and Angel got to know one another – eventually, Bob inquired with the shelter to see if he might be a good match for her. A trial foster situation was set up and things went so well that Bob decided that Angel had to be a permanent part of his family. Gamand wrote, “Bob never brought Angel back… She was home! They already had their little routine, car rides and naps on her own loveseat.”

Angel, described as an affectionate “wiggle-butt” even worked her charm on one of Bob’s neighbors, who expressed a fear and dislike for pit bulls. Gamand wrote of Angel’s first encounter with the neighbor,  “A woman across the parking lot yelled at him, “Is that a pit bull?” and Bob said “Yes, this is Angel, she loves to meet new people, would you like to meet her?” and she said no, she was scared of them because of a bad experience.”

The wiggle butting eventually won the woman over enough that she not only approached Angel, but she even decided that the “scary pit bull” was sweet enough to be a friend. Gamand wrote “Soon she was petting Angel. Now, that lady just runs across the parking lot excitedly yelling “Angel!” to go see them!”

Happy new life Angel!

Find Sophie Gamand on Facebook here.