Oregon family fights to save life of family dog

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A family in Merlin, Oregon is fighting for the life of their pit bull named Kron, (pronounced Crone) who has been sentenced to die by Josephine County Commissioners Simon Hare and Dan DeYoung.  Kron’s crime, attacking livestock, which according to Commissioner Hare, is an automatic death sentence. The incident occurred on March 11, 2017 in Merlin, Oregon, a small town outside of Grants Pass, Oregon.

Kron escaped from the yard and decided to go exploring as dogs often do.  He ended up on a neighbor’s property and was startled by a horse there. Kron bit the horse on its muzzle. The horse’s owner came out of the home and shot at Kron. After shooting him in the head, he shot the dog again in the neck. Fortunately, Kron’s owner arrived on scene and rushed him to the vet. Miraculously he survived after a lengthy surgery. The bullet that went through the side of his neck is too dangerous to be removed, so it must stay lodged there. The horse sustained minor injuries, no stitches were needed, but received treatment with antibiotics.

On March 16th, 2017, the County Commissioners ordered Kron to be picked up by Animal Control, and the family was told he would be euthanized as a dangerous animal. Kron’s family went to the hearing on March 21, 2017 where they pleaded for his life. Unfortunately, their pleas fell on deaf ears; County Commissioner Simon Hare insisted Kron be put down.  According to a family member, Mr. Hare stated he already made his decision, but he must go through the hearing, however was not going to change his mind.  He is of the belief that any dog chasing/attacking livestock should be killed. Of the three board members, Simon Hare and Dan DeYoung voted to have Kron euthanized. Commissioner Lily Morgan voted to keep Kron alive.

According to Kron’s family, he is a sweet, gentle dog who has never been in trouble before, never hurt a person or another animal. He sleeps with the young daughter of the family. He acted out of fear and the need to defend himself against a horse, a creature he has never seen before. He is an indoor house dog who just wants to give hugs and sleep on the couch. The opposing party, the horse’s owner, however claims Kron is an aggressive, dangerous dog. He told the local KDRV News that Kron not only attacked his horse, but lunged at him and his wife as well.

An alternate proposition was made that could save Kron’s life.  Kron’s actual owners live in Albany, Oregon. The family in Merlin were just caring for him temporarily when he escaped.  The owners are wanting to take their dog back to live with them in a suburban area hours away from the injured horse and other livestock but the county says “no” to this solution. According to Commissioner DeYoung, it comes down to liability and only killing the dog will prevent him from biting anyone or anything again.  He and Commissioner Hare concur that euthanizing the dog is the only solution.

Kron’s family is going to continue fighting for their dog. They are going to appeal the council’s decision before a hearings officer. If the hearings officer does not overturn the decision to kill Kron, the family can appeal the circuit court judge next.Until then, Kron cannot be killed while his case goes through the appeals process. Family and supporters of Kron staged a peaceful protest in front of the Josephine County Courthouse on March 25th, 2017.

Since Kron has no history of prior attacks and the horse sustained very mild injuries. killing Kron serves no purpose other than to be vindictive against him and his family. He can easily go live out his life in peace in another location.

A petition to save Kron’s life has been set uphttps://www.change.org/p/simon-hare-save-kron-s-life.

As well as a Facebook page for Kron’s supporters. https://www.facebook.com/events/1885290888408184/.

To speak up for Kron, the County Commissioners can also be contacted directly.

Josephine County Courthouse Simon Hare
500 NW 6th Street
Grants Pass, OR 97526

Phone: (541) 474-5221
E-mail address: share@co.josephine.or.us

E-mail address: lmorgan@co.josephine.or.us

Josephine County Courthouse Dan Deyoung
500 NW 6th Street
Grants Pass, OR 97526

Phone: (541) 474-5221
E-mail address: ddeyoung@co.josephine.or.us

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19 replies
  1. maxiemom says:

    This is total BS! They’re reacting to Kron’s breed and nothing more! A little common sense would go a long way here, like: understanding how scary a horse would be to a dog who’s never seen one; realizing that if Kron were going to hurt the horse, he would have done more than bite his muzzle, and the injury(ies) would have been SEVERE; and finally, deciding that Kron was PROTECTING himself when the owners of the horse undoubtedly attacked him. What was he going to do- stand there like a statue while they screamed and probably hit him? Those commissioners need to look at the situation: Kron does NOT live there and can go HOME, miles away, and that will be that. Otherwise, they join the ranks of pit bull hating, blood thirsty savages with no common sense who only see a dog’s breed, and will pay for it in the hereafter.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      I don’t believe he lunged at them at all, They came out shooting and I bet he ran, Unless they have a “reliable” witness to their “lunging” story, I would take it with a grain of salt! These commissioners are a couple of “Pit Bull” haters and need to be removed from their positions if they can’t be fair about things!

      • linda says:

        Lunged my ass. Liars! True a dog most likely will runaway while being shot at. They are obviously are trying to give more credence to their story by lying.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Boy I hate these vendettas against dogs for pretty much nothing, This poor dog didn’t hardly do any damage to the horse and yet he was shot, somehow survived and they won’t let him go home It doesn’t say anywhere Kron has bitten anyone or anything before so why the death sentence!. I will be signing the petition, this is ridiculous!

  3. Cynthia Como says:

    This has NOTHING to do with the incident and EVERYTHING to do with his breed! Totally disagree with this,it’s disgraceful! Praying for this dog and his loving family????

  4. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    This is so Stupid, He did not cause that much damage to the horse. He should be left alone and given back to his Owners. The guy who shot him deserves to be put in Jail.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      How about peddling your “Pitt Bull” propaganda somewhere else, we on this forum are pro dogs, any breed dog and don’t need or want your your prejudiced input!

      • Cynthia Como says:

        Totally agree with Barkley Mom!! Go away Gary,you obviously are NOT a dog lover,only select dogs for you!!

    • Mike says:

      Gary If you were to google other breed of dogs who have attacked I’m sure there would be just as many if not more than pit bulls. Your point being?

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    I think the ONLY dangerous ones are Simon Hare and DeYoung who want to murder Kron for being a dog. This poor dog was shot several times by an idiot who should NEVER be near a gun and Kron STILL survived – yet these two jerks want to kill him for what? BECAUSE HE IS A PIT BULL – that is the bottom line. Kron does not even live in this area and whoever was supposed to be caring for him did a piss poor job – let Kron go home to his family – he does not deserve to die for being a dog.

  6. Debbie says:

    Ignorance. Only a truly ignorant person would want this dog dead especially under the circumstances. Its bad enough with all of the demons out there torturig and maiming them daily then they are up agaiinst ignorance such as this. Too bad we cant euthanize these humans. Dogs are more worthy any day. Shame on the person or persons wanting him to die, do they have a soul? Not if they condone this murder. They will reap karma and hopefully it takes them down.

  7. Fabiola Gomez says:

    I prayed everyday for kron I can’t understand the only solution is killing this poor dogs he already was shot twice by a ignorant man, if kron owner is taking him far from this place give him back that only really dangerous in this world are the humans.

  8. Jessica Chamberlain says:

    Let this poor victimized pit bull baby love hasn’t he already been through enough, please save their baby!!

  9. Haley says:

    In my opinion, any dog regardless of breed coulda done the same thing. An if the horse had no cover over its eyes, it likely got spooked just like the dog did.
    Seems to me, two bullet wounds to a dog is way worse than a dog bite on a horse. Horses are huge animals and they are tough, if I was a smaller animal, I would have bit the horse too. It isnt like the dog knows better its instinct to bite when you are in danger. Who the hell in their right mind shoots a dog!
    Twice at that.
    This is why some people shouldnt have guns..
    An horses should be free to roam, if this horse was in a smaller area which I am assuming it was, they should get in trouble for not having enough room for a horse in the first place..
    Fuck Josephine County if they kill this dog, I am moving. I had a vet tell me to put my cat down as he was paralyzed, but now he walks.
    I feel like there is something wrong with our courts and some of our vets/animal control. They only do this stuff so they dont look bad, when in reality, they look worse because of it.
    This is bs, straight up.
    He said she said isnt enough to kill this animal.
    No one knows if this animal got shot for no reason, so how is this okay?


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