Mother bear asked a hunter for help saving her drowning cub

In a small Russian village, a man had been getting ready to go hunting when he heard strange animal sounds coming from outside of his home. When he looked out the window, he spotted a … Read More

Man confronts mother bear protecting her cubs and she charged

In Gatlinburg, Tennessee, a man confronted a mother bear protecting her three cubs at Cades Cove. After the park visitor approached the mother bear several times, she charged at the man.

According to an onlooker, … Read More

Bear standing up on two legs opens door of CHP facility

A bear standing on two legs opened the door of a California Highway Patrol (CHP) facility in the Donner Pass division and walked in last weekend, as if he knew his way around and was … Read More

An entire family of bears will be captured and destroyed

An entire family of bears in Hanover, New Hampshire will be caught and destroyed and the New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game has stated that they are being “forced” to carry out the seemingly … Read More

Bear has to be freed after breaking into car

Screenshot (731)

Deputies in Jefferson County, Colorado, were faced with a unique (and frightening) situation on Tuesday when they were called about a bear who was trapped inside of a car. According to Tuesday’s KDVR News, … Read More