Bear cub attacks inflatable reindeer in California yard full of Christmas cheer

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Even the Grinch couldn’t top this act of trying to curb some Christmas cheer, but a video posted on Facebook two days ago, shows a baby bear making quite the attempt to disrupt and mess up the Christmas decorations in the yard of a Monrovia resident.

Donna Hargett posted the video of the baby bear pawing an inflatable reindeer while the mother bear had been looking on – it’s not certain if the mother bear could have been rolling her eyes, just enjoying watching her baby play or if she thought the inflatable toy presented a danger. Anyhow, the decorations were all in her neighbor’s front yard when Donna spotted the cub jumping up on the reindeer, biting it and basically trying to bring the six-foot decoration down to its blow up hooves.

The mom and cub are frequent visitors in the neighborhood, and the two have been seen in the area creating mischief. It is believed the two bears come out of the nearby San Gabriel Mountains, and have even in the past broken into the woman’s home. Donna told news reporters she found bear paw prints on her walls, and one had even climbed up on her bed.

Uh oh … watch out Goldilocks.

(Video via Facebook Donna Hargett and YouTube CBSN)

Check out the video:

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