Sick 400 pound bear had to be euthanized after eating trash the public left behind

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The Colorado Parks and Wildlife made the difficult decision to humanely euthanize a 400-pound male bear spotted along a river trail in Telluride on September 9.

According to officials from the CPW SW Region, the “feverish” bear had shown signs of being very ill and suffering after he ate trash leaving his intestines blocked; making it impossible for him to digest his food.

Wildlife personnel had received reports of the bear in severe distress that had been the same bear who had continuously been shooed away from residential areas eating unsecured garbage in the area. The bear showed signs of being very sick with “puffy eyes and a discharge coming from his mouth and eyes.”

Surveillance video also showed the bear bent over in a “humped position.” And the reason this bear was suffering and had to be destroyed lies with the public and the general disregard for wildlife.

its suffering was caused by eating indigestible trash.


A follow up necropsy performed on the bear found the bear had paper towels, wipes, napkins and was paper food wrappers in his stomach. His intestines had been swollen from bacteria, and there was no digested food in his small or large intestines. Had the wildlife officials not euthanized the bear, it would have taken an extended length of time for him to be in excruciating pain and starve to death.

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Please, although this was a terrible outcome for an innocent bear to have had to suffer and die because of human mistakes, please let his life remind all of us to “properly secure trash to avoid bear conflict.”

Rest in peace poor bear. Humans can do better. After all, we need to share the forests and parks with wildlife. They have every right to be free and healthy.

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  1. I grew up in bear country and we ALWAYS had “bear secured trash bins”. They were thick steel with steel pedestals, bars and key locks to keep the bears out.

    I can’t understand why people don’t think about this in other areas. We never fed the wildlife nor did we ever feed our dogs outside or leave them outside unattended. My parents taught us to respect the environment and wildlife.


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