Russian polar bear spray painted with ‘T-34’ could end up with his death

A viral video of a polar bear in Russia spray painted with “T-34” in black is feared it could affect the animal’s ability to blend in with his surroundings and hunt for food – possibly … Read More

Circus bear attacks trainer after being forced to push wheelbarrow

In a disturbing display of animal cruelty and the dire consequences using wild animals, a viral video captured the moment a 600-pound bear attacked its trainer in the middle of a circus performance in Karelia, … Read More

Several three-legged bears limping around in North Carolina

Several cases of three-legged bears limping have been documented in a city near Arden, North Carolina. So far there have been nine cases of three-legged bears; five of the cases coming from the same area.… Read More

Bear breaks into home through wall ‘like the Kool-Aid Man’

In Denver, Colorado, a black bear broke into a home on Saturday through the wall “like the Kool-Aid Man.” The bear likely had been attracted to the smell of trash.

In a Facebook post from … Read More

Man confronts mother bear protecting her cubs and she charged

In Gatlinburg, Tennessee, a man confronted a mother bear protecting her three cubs at Cades Cove. After the park visitor approached the mother bear several times, she charged at the man.

According to an onlooker, … Read More

Tagged bear returned to Boulder and killed by wildlife officers

In Boulder, Colorado, a bear that had been previously relocated out of the area in 2015 was killed by wildlife officers on Tuesday after it returned to the area and was deemed aggressive.

The Colorado Read More

Thugs torment screaming bear cub separated from its mother

In Augustin, Romania, the worst of humanity reared its ugly head again. Teenage thugs videoed themselves tormenting a baby bear cub after they found it wandering around – obviously separated from its mother and desperate … Read More

Wildlife officials kill bear after it went for ‘farmer’s beehive’

Wildlife officials in Steamboat Springs, Colorado killed a bear early last week when the hungry animal attacked a farmer’s beehive. The bear had previously been relocated, but it had been reported getting into several residential … Read More

Polar bears overrun remote Russian town in search of food

Just a few years ago, polar bears ventured into a Russian weather station scaring scientists, and now again, approximately 50 of the predators invaded a remote Russian town – a state of emergency had to … Read More

‘Horrific’ abuse: Nine arrested for baiting bears and using dogs to maul them

In Volusia, Flagler and three other counties in Florida, nine people have been arrested for illegally baiting black bears with pastries and peanut butter and using hunting dogs to attack and maul the animals as … Read More