Dying bear crushes skull of hunter who shot it in Russia

A 62-year-old Russian hunter was killed by the bear he shot from an elevated platform in the Irkutsk region of Siberia, According to Newsweek, the bear attacked the hunter as the man descended from the … Read More

Residents angry that deputies shot a young bear roaming in Palm Beach County

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission seem to be having a different version of what led deputies to shoot and kill a young black bear after surrounding … Read More

Polar bear that wandered into town close to Maine border killed by authorities

A polar bear that had wandered into Quebec’s Gaspe peninsula was killed by authorities over the weekend. The bear was killed to make sure no humans could be hurt after the animal was spotted in … Read More

Tourists ignoring the rules to stay away from grizzly bears at Yellowstone National Park

It hasn’t taken long since the tourists at Yellowstone National Park have already decided to break the rules with their own dangerous behavior that very well could get them maimed or killed as well as … Read More

500 pound bear ‘Hank the Tank’ cleared of home invasions and will not be killed

A 500-pound bear affectionately dubbed “Hank the Tank” was about to be killed in South Lake Tahoe for allegedly breaking into at least 28 homes. Authorities were searching for the bear to euthanize him for … Read More

Man who killed mother bear leaving her two cubs orphaned charged in illegal hunting

Two orphaned bear cubs were discovered near their mother’s dead body after a hunter allegedly killed the bear illegally outside of hunting season in Massachusetts.

According to the Massachusetts Environmental Police, the agency stated … Read More

Mother bear asked a hunter for help saving her drowning cub

In a small Russian village, a man had been getting ready to go hunting when he heard strange animal sounds coming from outside of his home. When he looked out the window, he spotted a … Read More

Governor of New Jersey says there will be no bear hunt this year

In a last minute effort to hold a bear hunt in New Jersey this fall, Governor Phil Murphy shot down an emergency order on Wednesday after the state’s Fish and Game Council approved the action.… Read More

Idaho woman fined $5.8K for leaving trash out that attracted grizzly to her campsite

In Moose, Wyoming, a woman from Idaho was fined $5,800. for leaving trash out at her campsite which attracted a grizzly bear in the Grand Teton National Park.

Other campers had videos and photos of … Read More

Woman who fed peanut butter to a park bear in Smoky Mountains faces fines and jail time

At the Great Smoky Mountains National Park which straddles the border between North Carolina and Tennessee, wild animals roam freely and generally stay away from humans as much as possible – that is until someone … Read More