Chinese hotel with captive polar bears for non stop viewing condemned by conservationists

In Northeastern China, the “Harbin Polar Land” is the latest attraction featuring hotel rooms built around a central polar bear enclosure consisting of harsh lighting, fake rocks and a shiny white painted floor. The hotel … Read More

Reward of $8500 offered for person who illegally shot black bear in St. Mary Parish

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has offered a reward of $7,500 for information leading to the identification, arrest and conviction of the person responsible for cruelly shooting a black bear in the … Read More

Jet hits and kills brown bear on Alaska runway

Over the weekend, a Boeing 737-700 hit a mother brown bear on the runway at the Yakutat Airport in Eastern Alaska. At the last minute, the pilots spotted the two bears crossing into the plane’s … Read More

Mother bear and her cub shot dead after they climbed on Russian submarine

In Russia’s Kamchatka region, crew members of a nuclear submarine shot and killed a mother bear and her cub on Sunday. A video shared on social media showed the bear and her cub swimming towards … Read More

Black bear with her cub shot and killed in residential Del Rio neighborhood

In Del Rio, Texas, a black mother bear with her cub was shot and killed on Friday in a residential neighborhood. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department says the killing of the mother bear is … Read More

New Jersey bear hunting begins with bow and arrow deaths even for cubs

New Jersey’s annual black bear hunt began on Monday just before sunrise. For the first three days the hunt is restricted to archery, and hunters with bows and arrows shoot at bears, often resulting in … Read More

Worker mauled to death by performing bear at Russian circus

A worker was mauled to death by a performing brown bear at a Russian circus after entering the animal’s cage. Valentin Bulich, 28, entered the bear’s cage and locked himself inside at the famous Great … Read More

Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers reward for dead black bear draped over sign

In Walland, Tennessee at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, officials have offered a $5,000 reward for information relating to a dead black bear draped over the Foothills Parkway sign. Especially egregious was a handwritten … Read More

Grizzly bears to remain protected from trophy hunters appeals court agrees

The North Circuit Court of Appeals issued a unanimous opinion on Wednesday upholding a 2018 court act affirming that grizzly bears will remain under the Endangered Species Act and are therefore protected from hunting that … Read More

Baby bear that wandered into Maryland neighborhood shot and killed

In a disturbing situation on Saturday afternoon in Hartford County, Maryland, a baby bear that had wandered into a residential neighborhood was shot and killed by police.

Witnesses were shocked and questioned why police did … Read More