Bear cubs open door of home in Colorado

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Can anyone really imagine a pair of young bears visiting your home in Steamboat Springs, and one of the cubs opening the front door?

That is exactly what happened to a local resident who captured the video of a young bear standing up on his hind legs and using the handle to open the door, as his twin stood closely nearby. That’s when the shocked resident started to bang on a window to make noise to scare the bears away.

The second bear lingered by the door a few moments before he decided to leave and join his twin. Another video revealed “mom bear” not far away and a lot bigger than her babies.

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission state that black bears are very curious, intelligent and relentless in their food pursuits.

We should be privileged to share the space with bears. After all, they have been around in Colorado long before all of the housing developments popped up, pushing them out of their natural habitats. And if you want to be fair, don’t leave food out for other wildlife that does attract bears. Make sure to keep garbage cans tightly secured, clean those barbecues and don’t forget to lock your windows, doors and car doors too.

If a bear approaches your home, use loud noises to chase it away. Never approach a bear!

Check out the video:

Oh boy!

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