Viral video star ‘Eddie the sea otter’ passed away at Oregon Zoo

“Eddie the sea otter” found Internet fame in 2013 when a video went viral showing the adorable little guy slam-dunking a toy basketball through a miniature hoop. The Oregon Zoo, where Eddie lived, trained him … Read More

Emaciated elephant forced to perform circus tricks in Thai arena

A severely emaciated elephant was forced to perform circus tricks to an almost empty arena at a crocodile farm in Samut Prakan, Thailand on Friday. The female, Asian elephant performed to just a handful of … Read More

Rare snow leopard shot to death after zookeeper left cage gate ajar

A rare snow leopard was shot to death after a zookeeper accidentally left the animal’s cage ajar and the leopard escaped. Although zoo officials stated they tried to lure the leopard named Margaash back into … Read More

Advocates call out Malibu Wines for not evacuating Stanley the giraffe

In Malibu, California, Stanley the giraffe has been reported to be fine. As the Woolsey Fire quickly spread, residents, businesses and animals were forced to quickly evacuate. Animal advocates were very worried about Stanley’s safety.… Read More

Chinese tourists pelted crocodile with rocks to see if he was real

Chinese tourists pelted a crocodile at the China-Africa Wildlife Zoo in Xiamen over the weekend with rocks until it bled to determine if the animal was real. The saltwater reptile is believed to be Asia’s … Read More

Lioness at Indianapolis Zoo kills father of her 3 cubs

A lioness at the Indianapolis Zoo killed the father of her three cubs earlier this week. A statement posted on Friday from the zoo staff reported they had heard “an unusual amount of roaring at … Read More

Rare Siberian tiger cub desperately roared when forced to pose with tourists

A rare two-month-old Siberian tiger cub desperately roared in fear when forced to pose with tourists for photos at a Chinese zoo. Witnesses at the Harbin Siberia Tiger Park in north China videoed the smiling … Read More

Elephants forced to perform underwater tricks at Thailand Zoo

Exhausted elephants continue to be forced to perform underwater tricks at a zoo in Thailand. The disturbing footage has gone viral sparking outrage among animal advocates throughout the world.

According to the Daily Mail, … Read More

Loneliest elephant ‘unlawfully imprisoned’ at the Bronx Zoo claim

Happy could be the loneliest elephant at the Bronx Zoo, and on Tuesday the 47-year-old Asian elephant was named in a lawsuit charging she has been “unlawfully imprisoned” by making her living in isolation with … Read More

Rare black rhino born in view of tourists at Chester Zoo

An endangered, rare black rhino was born in full view of tourists at the Chester Zoo in Cheshire, England on Saturday. Malindi delivered a bouncing, baby rhino in about 15 minutes after a 15-month pregnancy. … Read More