No freedom for Happy: Lonely Bronz Zoo elephant denied personhood

Happy the elephant will remain at the Bronx Zoo. On Tuesday, the New York Court of Appeals decided she was not entitled to legal personhood, and therefore she has no rights to bodily liberty. The … Read More

Texas zoo captures image of unidentified creature

In Amarillo, Texas, the zoo closed circuit surveillance camera showed an unidentified image or creature standing outside of a barbed wire fence in the early hours of May 21. The public has been trying to … Read More

Lion at Guangzhou Zoo intrigues social media with blunt cut bangs

In South China’s Guangdong Province, at the Guangzhou Zoo, a white lion has intrigued social media with his recent mane which oddly sports blunt cut bangs. A good majority of the internet crowd insist someone … Read More

Baby giraffe fitted with specialized braces to correct her front leg from bending the wrong way

A baby giraffe born at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park had been born with hyperextended carpi; a condition which made her front leg bend the wrong way. Msituni was born on February 1 at … Read More

Baby zebra died at Disney’s Animal Kingdom after tragic accident

In Lake Buena Vista, Florida, a baby zebra died at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom on Thursday after she had been spooked by two ostriches and ran into the gate of the enclosure.

According to … Read More

British animal lover risked his own life to evacuate lion and wolf from Ukraine zoo

A 1200 mile round trip in a minibus by animal lover, British veteran, Tim Locks and two of his friends evacuated a lion and a wolf from a Ukraine zoo safely. After raising the needed … Read More

Tiger attacks worker not authorized to be in cage at Florida airboat tour park

On Tuesday, for the second time in just three months, a park worker not authorized to enter a tiger’s cage at a Florida airboat and animal park, was mauled and rushed to the hospital.

According … Read More

Camel from Tennessee petting zoo killed two people

In Memphis, Tennessee, a loose camel reportedly killed two people on Thursday afternoon. The Obion County Sheriff’s Office responded to the call of a loose camel near Shirley Farms in Obion; the site of a … Read More

Thousands of animals still at Kyiv Zoo and only limited food remains

Nearly 4,000 animals of varied species still remain at the Kyiv Zoo. None of the animals have been evacuated or sent to other zoos out of the country. Just days ago, rescuers from the Poznan … Read More

Kyiv zoo animals escaped to Poland as Russian artillery fired during their journey

Six lions, four tigers, an African wild dog and a capuchin monkey escaped to Poland from across the Ukraine as Russian artillery fired all around them during their harrowing three-day journey to safety.

Piles of … Read More