Kind-hearted Arctic gold miners rescued orphaned polar bear cub

An orphaned polar bear cub was rescued by a group of kind-hearted gold miners in the Arctic. The tiny, female cub was discovered alone on the remote island of Bolshevik – a remote northernmost territory … Read More

Toledo Zoo’s youngest elephant Lucas has died

In Toledo, Ohio, the zoo’s youngest elephant – nine-year-old Lucas has died. President and CEO Jeff Sailer posted a video on the Toledo Zoo’s Facebook on Wednesday afternoon explaining the death of the much loved … Read More

Father arrested for dropping his child into elephant habitat at San Diego Zoo

In San Diego, a father who took his young child to the zoo and dropped the toddler into the elephant habitat on Friday has been arrested and charged with child endangerment and trespassing in a … Read More

Chinese hotel with captive polar bears for non stop viewing condemned by conservationists

In Northeastern China, the “Harbin Polar Land” is the latest attraction featuring hotel rooms built around a central polar bear enclosure consisting of harsh lighting, fake rocks and a shiny white painted floor. The hotel … Read More

China zoo accused of trying ‘to pass dog off as wolf’

In a zoo in central China, a viral video posted on social media Tuesday showed a visitor to the Xiangwushan Zoo visiting the zoo’s wolf enclosure. The guest filmed an animal that looked like a … Read More

Indian billionaire’s tacky tweet showing elephant dressed in jeans raises animal cruelty questions

An Indian billionaire businessman, who often shares his thoughts and photos on Twitter, has been receiving substantial backlash after sharing a photo of an elephant made to wear jeans and a t-shirt being led along … Read More

Snow day fun for the National Zoo’s pandas

In the midst of the winter snowstorm in Washington, D.C. giant pandas Mei Xiang and Tian Tian didn’t care about traffic warnings or digging out of their driveway. Instead the two decided it was to … Read More

Orangutan dad takes over raising baby after mom died at Denver Zoo

Male orangutans normally do not have much of a role in raising their babies, however Denver Zoo orangutan Berani has stepped up to the plate and eagerly accepted becoming “Mr. Mom.”

According to the Denver Read More

Denver Zoo asking supporters to help feed 3,000 inhabitants since Covid-19 pandemic

In Denver, the zoo accommodates more than 3,000 inhabitants with a variety of dining demands daily. At the Denver Zoo more than 450 species are hungry every day and depend on their caretakers for carefully … Read More

One-month-old baby elephant born at zoo died

A one-month-old baby elephant named Avi died on Sunday at the St. Louis Zoo after struggling with health problems. He was euthanized on Sunday and “passed away peacefully.”

According to the zoo’s press release, … Read More