Monkeys stolen from Dallas Zoo found in closet in empty home

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Just hours after the Dallas Police asked the public for help on Tuesday identifying a man believed to have information about two monkeys stolen from their enclosure at the Dallas Zoo, the animals were found alive in Lancaster.

According to CnnNews, the two emperor tamarin monkeys have been returned to the zoo, and staff members have been evaluating their physical health.

Their disappearance has been another mystery in a series of suspicious incidents at the zoo. An intentional cut in their habitat on Monday is where the monkeys were stolen.

Almost two weeks ago, an endangered vulture was found dead with an “unusual wound.” In another disturbing incident, a three-year-old clouded leopard escaped from his enclosure after it was cut. The cat, posed no danger to the public and was found later that same day.

And at the zoo’s enclosure for the langur monkey habitat, another intentional cut was made in the fences. Fortunately, none of the monkeys escaped.

The zoo has since tightened security and has offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) involved in this illegal activity.

We are anxious for the perpetrator or perpetrators to be apprehended and stopped, and we applaud and support the work of law enforcement professionals who are leading these investigations.

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