Australian cattle dog mom and her young pups picked up as strays on euth’ list at Houston shelter

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Shelby is on the euthanasia list for Monday, February 12, along with her cute puppies, at BARC Animal Shelter in Houston, Texas. Pledges and a local foster home are needed immediately. The puppies are not ready to be separated from their mother at this time.

Shelby and her puppies had been present in the neighborhood, and animal control officers were called to help. At the time she was picked up, she was friendly for the officers and staff. She has been a great mom, Her puppies all have ringworm which is contagious, and all will need to be quarantined from other pets.

Shelby-ID# A1922214.

Shelby arrived at the shelter on February 7 and is described as an Australian Cattle dog mix about two-years-old and weighing 39 pounds. She has tested negative for heartworms.

Puppies-ID# A1922215-29 The puppies have been named Sally, Sal, Shirley, Sam, Stan and Shawn. They weigh eight pounds each and are five-weeks-old.

Look how sweet she is.

Shelby is described as a small, scared Cattle dog mix. She has been separated from her puppies and is stressed because she so wants to be with them. She is a smart little girl who knows basic commands and is easy to leash. She did fine on her temperament test with another female dog.

Shelby would do best with adults who understand that she needs to be approached slowly. She will snap if approached too quickly, and this young dog needs an experienced handler without young children in the home.

Please contact BARC if you are local to the area and want to help.

Contact information:

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Foster application:

Follow Shelby and the future of her puppies here.

Please share Shelby’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

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  1. They were just brought in. They haven’t had a chance to meet with potential adopters. Plus Superbowl weekend is not an optimal time to get the whole family out to the shelter…….

    Beyond unfair……. I am in Washington state and would donate to a boarding fund for this precious family……..


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